We Are A Pool Of Masters Who Do Incredible Stuff.

Together with top management, our team works to help your business scale on the top, gain customers, and establish brand uniqueness – which reflects what you are.


We strive to create a culture that is as unique as our name, based on our core values of Integrity, Respect, Success and Fun. We believe our culture and investment in our leaders, allows us to consistently maintain industry leading team member retention, which is the foundation of success in the BPO industry.

We want to create an environment that drives motivation and productivity so our staff can grow as aspired individuals in each of their respective fields. We are an interesting variety of people, of skills, of experiences – but of the same goal: GROWTH. We go beyond our duty calls to help our clients achieve their goals.


People are the core of every business – the great assets behind each company’s success.

Christian Cabahug

Sales Manager

Ranil Luardo

SEO & Online Marketing Supervisor

Morey Alimpangog

SEO Specialist

Rhea Cabuguas

Web Designer

Ariel R. Almelda

Web Developer


Simply because we combine our work with passion and dedication. Our works by professionals of high caliber separate us from the crowd – we got the brains to help your business improve under one roof. From conception and strategy to design and implementation, our process in clearly conveyed so you can keep your project in control all throughout the period. We do this through improving communications to keep you updated with your project status and build strong relationship towards achieving your goal.

Staffing & Leasing strives to provide the best possible employee solutions for different clients, ranging from small to large enterprises, and individual professionals to corporations.