are Housed at GAGFA IT Center, Cebu City

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Gagfa Tower

We are located in one of most professionally structured buildings right in the heart of Cebu, Philippines. Located in a place with accessible jeepney transit and nearby amenities provided by other tenants like restaurants, coffee shops, convenience store, pharmacy, and movie houses, we can be a convenient place for your staff.

  • 8th Floor, GAGFA IT CENTER F.Cabahug St. Cebu City 6000 Philippines
  • (+63 32) 401-1505
  • +1855-903-3299 (US Toll Free)


The Lobby Area has a smart but comfortable arrangement to give off a welcoming atmosphere for clients and visitors like. The front desk is well situated at the side to easily entertain and assist anyone


Our 2200sqm operation floor is equipped with 550 plug and play workstations to get your staff start working and running your operations in the Philippines. We make sure staff are comfortable and productive with fully air conditioned and well-ventilated facilities, plus LCD and LED HD monitors.


Our conference room is equipped with all the necessary office equipment to project images and presentations in high-quality and LCD projector. The room is specifically designed and prepared to accommodate important meetings supplied with a number of office chairs and long table.


Our training room can accommodate 25 trainees and has a ready to use LED screen and projector and has the most convenient space for all types of demos and trainings. It can accommodate a good number of individuals and teams with its large space and can give the needed privacy for the meeting.