Cost-Saving Serviced Office Solution For Business Starters in Cebu

Cost-Saving Serviced Office Solution For Business Starters in Cebu

Starting a business in an instant even with less capital is made possible with a fully-equipped serviced office.

As a wide variety of businesses emerge on the surface of urbanization, lots of business owners have thought of how to start their business without the need to face unnecessary cash blowouts and spend long span of time putting up their own private spaces.

But the question is: Do you really need to put up your own exclusive and expensive office? The answer is NO. For most business owners, having to establish an office is not a necessity and in fact, many can latch on leasing office spaces or seats instead. But there is a common problem faced by most business owners in which they got themselves locked in long-term lease arrangement for an office space or having to hire a permanent staff to assist in their different business operations.

Nowadays, a lot of companies and establishments in the Philippines have been offering office space package that works for clients and business owners who are in pursuit to start their business as soon as possible, while still trying to save both on costs and resources. And so, here comes one of most cost-effective business solutions in the industry today: a serviced office.

What is a Serviced Office?

Serviced office is a pay-as-you-use office leasing option wherein business owners get the chance to have fully-furnished and fully-equipped office spaces at a fraction of cost. Such leasing option allows them to start operation at anytime they want as long as package arrangements have been agreed from both the leasing company and the client.

Serviced offices are readily equipped with plug-and-play workstations, comfy chairs, air conditioners, and furnitures for clients to operate in without having to provide it themselves. The leasing company takes care of everything from infrastructure, equipment, utilities, and internet connection, as included in the package. In addition, leasing company also includes sanitary personnel, IT tech support, and security to assist clients in all their differing business functions. Other leasing providers as well have clinics, training rooms, conference rooms, and pantry within the premises to offer clients convenience in day to day operations.

Two Options When You Lease Serviced Offices

When clients go for leasing these office spaces, they are given with two options by the leasing company: either to operate in a private, exclusive office or be in a shared space along with other companies. This depends on the preferred budget or business goal agreed and targeted by the client. Whatever choice the client comes up with, both options give clients convenience and flexibility to expand their business and start operation without the need to invest astounding financial capital and put up an own exclusive and expensive space in a long run.

S&L Philippines Inc. : The Best Serviced Office Space Provider

When it comes to flexible and affordable seat and space leasing options, S&L Philippines, Inc. offers serviced office spaces to clients ranging from individual entities, small-sized enterprises, to medium-sized entrepreneurs at most affordable rates around. It’s great for startups and small firms who want to start or expand their business with professional and readily equipped offices especially in the Philippines. We are located in the one of Philippines’ top growing business outsourcing destinations: Cebu. Contact us to learn more about our serviced office package!

Deliver The Best For Your Customers With Excellent Business Solutions

Deliver The Best For Your Customers With Excellent Business Solutions

Grow further and improve customer relationships with excellent business solutions.

Running a business could be really challenging and hard. Both small and big companies face immense processes and huge time squeezing out ideas on how to stand out in the competition – or simply be capable enough to effectively address their customers needs. Customers make your business and so your growth, but whenever a company didn’t manage to provide what customers require, the company faces a possible demise.

The great effect of customer experience brings to any business means every second of your action counts. Are you giving the right service to your customers? Have you been able to solve their problems? If yes, have you delivered it quick enough? Are you still maintaining your customers’ retention? Is your management and operation smoothly running? If not, there may be a need for you to implement new approaches and strategies that could help you increase your efficiency, thus leading to intelligent management and maximized performance.

Find An Intuitive System

If you’re facing such problems with customer service and poor operational performance, the answer to your problem may lie in the new technology.

Investing in a new software solution is a big decision, but before you put on huge costs on such, you gotta take a rigorous look on their stand for a number of months or years or how companies have benefited from them. But, there are emerging business solutions nowadays that have proven their great effectivity in business operations and companies are now integrating them in their core systems one by one.

Software Solutions For Business Of All Sizes

Software solutions have immensely been spreading throughout the industry nowadays, especially in fields where they are necessarily applied for: contact centers, BPO, call centers, banks, agencies, studios, etc. These have helped companies and organizations increase efficiency and maximize productivity even more. Below are the most popular software programs in-demand in the market today:

software business solution

Unified Communication Solution

Auto dialer software is a big help to contact centers and call centers. This solution connects all important touch points and puts all necessary information in one place. As it serves as a unified communication solution, it allows you to make data consolidation and give your customers the most accurate and relevant information irrespective of media used upon reaching the contact center. Its integrated outbound skill helps ensure that your customers are taken care of by the most knowledgeable agent.

Staffing Solution

With the growing demand for human resources comes a rising need for staffing solution to achieve great efficiency both in front & back office and recruiting operations. This solution also helps you keep in touch with employees productivity across all your operations. In addition, it helps your staff get on with tedious tasks easily and quickly with automated programs.

With S&L staffing solution, we also offer these free tools: Philippine Payroll System, Recruitment System, HR System, Time Keeping System, CRM System, Phone System, 1 International DID Toll Free, Office 365, End-point Security, and Employee Screen Monitoring.

SMS Marketing

In this present Information Age, SMS Marketing is vitally helpful for any business. If you’re looking for a cheap and instant way to reach out and advertise your brand to your customers, SMS marketing serves as a booming marketing platform regardless of business size. This marketing solution comes in a form of text message campaign or bulk SMS, allowing you to send a thousand messages to your preferred contacts in an instant with an assured high rate of deliverability – as people will always open any incoming message that pops up on their mobiles’ screen.

To help businesses grow and evolve more, Staffing & Leasing offers all those business solutions to increase your efficiency and boost your productivity across all your operations. For your queries and business interests, call us at (+63 32) 401-1505 or our US Toll Free: +1855-903-3299 or visit our website: www.staffingandleasing.com

How Does Auto Dialer Help Your Outbound Sales Team?

How Does Auto Dialer Help Your Outbound Sales Team?

Good communication results to customer satisfaction, and when there’s good satisfaction comes a successfully closed sale – which is an auto dialer is expert about.

Communicating with customers is one vital part of every sales endeavor. And whenever communication is bad, so as your business. But when you got the chance to support all necessary steps towards attaining that successful communication, you’re definitely on your way towards increasing your revenue as well as your customer rate. However, attaining that growth is never easy when all you do is rely on manual effort alone. When it comes to building a proper communication platform, there’s a lot of tedious processes needed to be undergone and manual effort to be squeezed on.

In this dynamic telemarketing world nowadays, a lot of challenges come along the way and one should be abreast of all the latest trends and technology to stand out from the competition or just simply – to survive.

The continuous pursuit to improving customer service through improved customer communications has paved way for more business communication solutions to emerge: one is a auto dialer software. As broad as it may sound, this software has enabled a lot of opportunities for you and your sales team across the wide telesales platform. It doesn’t just save your agents from tedious manual dialing and long phone searches but it also turns them into expert telemarketers that helps them achieve increased productivity upon your call center operation.

Contact Center Dialer Helps Your Agents To:

Save Significant Time and Money

Auto dialer software increases sales and production efficiency with one of its unique time-saving features: voice transmission technology. A lot of companies can save a lot of money and time by using voice transmission since it integrates automated pre-recorded message delivered to a list of contacts and only be connected to a live sales agent when an interested person answers. That way sales staff can save more time and money by auto-dialing contact leads and routing calls from legit ones.

Maximize Agent Productivity

This efficient and cost-effective auto dialer software make agents more productive by making quick calls. Auto dialers will automatically dial a list of phone numbers and as soon as a live person answers, they will be connected to an agent to initiate conversation. Agents also get to have a unified view of each customer profile and it helps support all communication channels that allow agents to provide the fast, correct, and consistent answers needed by each customer in different channels.

Reduce Agent Errors

It allows an option to choose specific dialing modes that fits actual business situation. This gives agents the capability to cater customers the best way possible and give them the most relevant information they want, thus leading to more effective customer interaction and building good customer retention. The integration of scripts with the right sales pitch are also changed time to time to meet customer requirements and respond to different business conditions and needs.

Lessen Manual Effort

With automated dialer, there is no need for agents to perform time consuming manual dialing and number searches. It displays multiple functionalities on their computer screens which allows agents to handle all telephony operations with guiding scripts integrated and a recorded history of customer interaction to help them track which part needs more improvement and needs to be retained.

Optimize communications

Doing phone sales is made much more easy with automated dialers. This allows an easy and automatic telephone dialing, redial, and voice mail; it also includes “hanging up” call when no one answered.

Give the most relevant information

Dialer software gives agents the power to give customers the best fit information they need and helps them adapt the speech necessary to the kind of situation they are involved. This is done through proactive customer communications. This allows an accurate classification of calls from listed contacts; its outbound skills also help ensure that customers are called by suitable agents.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Each kind of campaigns has scripts integrated that offer agents a more detailed and organized argumentation that helps improve customer experience. It is rest assured that customers are given with the right attention and concrete information they need by live operators. It also allows different dialing modes to be used according to the type or needs of the business.

Close more sales

The functionality it allows to filter the potential and interested contacts by its unique call classification paves way to close more sales! Also, with improved agent experience with the help of integrated scripts and effective sales pitch, agents grasp the capability to serve in the best way. The ability to give them the most relevant information to their different needs builds more trust which leads to a successful purchase of your product and services.

Most sales team always strive to keep phone calls rolling and minimizing downtime, however that doesn’t mean they don’t get away from the hassle of manually dialing each call – which is why, auto dialer software comes to the rescue. Getting the best prospect leads is easy because of the multiple functionalities it offers and it maximizes your telesales performance even when facing a huge variety of clients from small to large enterprises.

This automated contact center dialer is immensely useful upon picking up the most interested contacts who will potentially buy your products and services. It’s built for the benefit of all aspects: your agents, your customers, and your business.

To support the deployment of our contact center business solutions, you can rely on our skilled experts to help you get started. Call us at  (+63 32) 401-1505 or our US Toll Free: +1855-903-3299 today!

15 Advantages of Seat Leasing For Your Busines

15 Advantages of Seat Leasing For Your Busines

Seat leasing can give you and your clients multiple advantages from saving costs, effort, & time, allowing you to focus more on your business.

You must have been thinking of starting up your business. And this entails of course, a lot of major headache-causing processes like putting up an office, investing in new equipment and furniture, putting up security, maintenance, recruiting staff, and the long list goes on and on. Quite hard and costly, right? Going through this process means spending a lot of costs, and before you have your infrastructure established, you might just run out of budget to get these tedious tasks completed.

For such an effective remedy, business owners have started latching on to seat leasing servicesnot just because it’s convenient and more cost-saving, it actually saves you from everything.

Below are 15 the best advantages seat leasing can give you:

1. Saves cost

Seat leasing means a lot of savings. More than anything else, the very main advantage of opting for this leasing option is it can save up to 70% of capital needed in putting up an office.

2. Saves time and effort

Seat leasing saves you from the tedious tasks of establishing an office. You can let the leasing company take care of everything so you can focus more on your operations.

3. Modern facilities

One of the key factors in making business grow productively is superior equipment and facilities. Seat leasing providers equip leasing clients with an amazing seat leasing package from brand new computers, fast internet connection, UPS generators in-case of power loss, data centers, and of course comfy seats for your staff.

4. Readily available furniture and function rooms

From fully-air conditioned spacious work spaces, conference room, boardroom, comfort rooms, to lunch area, all is readily available for you when you opt to seat lease. This gives much convenience to you and your staff to work at the peak of their productivity.

5. Can scale up operation virtually anytime

Most of leasing companies operate and are open 24/7, so it is no problem if you opt for a day-shift, mid-shift, or night-shift work, especially for your call center operation.

6. Immediate IT Support

IT support is crucial to every business operation with transactions online, especially call centers. A dedicated IT support is always part of the package and they are always available 24/7 to help you and your staff troubleshoot, install necessary programs, fix connections, and all technical tasks necessary in all your operation. This is one good thing about leasing seats and additional savings for you.

7. No advance maximum capital needed

When you opt to seat lease, there’s no need for you to worry about huge upfront capital so you can start your operation at ease.

8. Can start operation immediately

As soon as you have made clear agreement with the leasing company, seats and rooms are already fully-furnished and equipped so you can start your operation right away.

9. Inbound/outbound ACD dialer system

Seat leasing providers often include inbound/outbound ACD dialer system in their facilities so it is just perfect for clients who want to run an inbound/ outbound call center operation.

10. In-house generator for 100% power backup

In case of unexpected power loss, leasing companies have in-house generators for automatic power back-up, and so clients and staff can still go on with their operations.

11. Recruitment/ Back-office Assistance

If you lease for seats, you can also apply for the recruitment service to save you from the hassle of recruiting and profiling procedures from exams, interviews, to job offer. They can simply filter all types of employees qualified and fitting for the task. Aside from the recruitment service, you can also get assistance for back-office responsibilities from payroll, bookkeeping, to billing. These will be available if you upgrade your package, it all depends on you.

12. Available Clinic, Doctor, & Company Nurses

This is also one major advantage of seat leasing, though may be not be in some other leasing companies but S&L has included this in the package for the welfare and free health consultation of all staff.

13. Readily available 24/7 security

Leasing companies also take care of the security of your staff and employees to ensure total safety and protection.

14. Readily available facility & sanitary personnel

Sanitary and maintenance personnel are always part of the seat leasing package so you don’t have to worry about maintaining cleanliness and proper sanitation in the area.

15. Accessible locations

The location of the office is an important factor in your business. The more accessible the office is, the more convenient and better it is for your clients. This is one major advantage S&L can give to you, we are in one of Philippines’ top growing cities in the BPO industry which is Cebu. Our office is surrounded by restaurants, coffee shops, movie & entertainment houses, grocery stores, pharmacies, and is accessible via public and private transport.

With all of those mentioned, you can see how flexible and convenient seat leasing is for whatever type of business you have and for your staff. Clients are given full priority. And with S&L Philippines, Inc., we can accommodate any types of clients, from small to medium-sized to large enterprises, we make sure to bring you convenience at its finest with very competitive rates. Talk to us to learn more how we can help with your business today!

How Internet Marketing Takes Business To The Next Level (Bringing In More Customers)

How Internet Marketing Takes Business To The Next Level (Bringing In More Customers)

Internet marketing (online marketing) unlocks the chances on how to get more traffic conversions in your business, turning mere website visitors into potential customers.

Chances are, as a business owner in the business world, you take a big part of the ways on how to market your business. You look for the possible schemes on how to target viewers and turn them into potential customers – generating traffic conversion which leads to an increased sales rate. Internet marketing is a two-thumbs-up way on how to promote products and endorse your business to others.

Internet marketing, or online marketing, basically refers to a marketing or advertising strategy through the use of emails and web for driving direct sales by e-commerce. Moreover, the sale-movement may start from emails and websites. Internet marketing is done in so many ways. It can be done through web and social media like microblog posting, press releases, blog article posting, videos, etc. It is considered as an upgraded way of traditional advertising method which we encounter in television programs, radio, newspapers, and magazines.

When you opt for upgrading your marketing strategies, you have to familiarize internet marketing in its three different specialized areas:

Web Marketing – It is now a top-end way on how to make the business’ existence visible not just through physical address but also across the internet. This is through building a website that is used for trading business products and services through electronic commerce. The website should be indexed beforehand for online visibility – and of course, informative for customer’s retention. As part of the marketing strategy, online advertising is also done on search engines via search engine optimization (SEO).

Social Media Marketing – It is an advertising effort done through the use of social media like microblog posting, tweets, and the like in social networking sites including Facebook, Youtube, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. This helps generate traffic and build more interaction between you and your customers that can attract more prospective visitors and drive traffic conversions.

Email Marketing – It is a form of direct marketing which involves promotional marketing and advertising a commercial message to a group of current and potential business customers. This is also a way to get more traffic leads and keep in touch with your customers and contacts.

As people now brace themselves in the latest trends in the internet world and information technology advancements, business owners must also adapt to the changes in order to reach out to their potential customers. People grab something they instantly find right at the tip of their fingers – all transactions are done in just a click-away!

Therefore, the presence and visibility of business online is a must! And it is enhanced through the use of internet marketing, giving way for more traffic leads and traffic conversions. Keeping abreast of all the latest marketing strategies and trends increase the chances to have successful business in the future.

Business owners may use organic search engine optimization (SEO) services and even paid search engine marketing (PPC – Pay-per-click) and all the essential methods to earn prospective customers. The higher you get traffic to your site, the more possibilities of enhanced sale-rate!

Contact us to learn more from us!

How Social Media Favor Your Marketing Campaigns

How Social Media Favor Your Marketing Campaigns

Running social media campaigns can be your gateway towards a thousand fold of prospects who can be your potential customers.

Social media are one the best avenues for marketing nowadays. If you were on the business and were in search of prospect visitors with the desire of converting them to potential customers, social media are a sure gateway towards building that productive interaction. This interaction is permitted in a way that people are allowed to create, exchange or share information, events, ideas, videos, and pictures through social networking sites. Social media provide a platform of opportunities for all marketers to reach a possible maximum amount of visitors and generate traffic.

Social media run a big role in our social lives as of today and give off a big advantage to us in a lot of phases – education, instruction, and even business – in a much larger scope. Now that social media marketing is a highly recommended way to reach more potential customers, business owners now seek to brace themselves to multiple possibilities that social media can open to market their business and boost brand awareness.

Social media take many forms such as blog sharing, micro blog posting, forums, products/services review, photo posting & video sharing, business networks, and social networks. These, by proven fact, are effective ways on building up a better avenue of promoting and selling products and services to visitors who may eventually turn into prospect customers.

Running social media campaigns can be manifested through different social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest which are the most prominent sites used by people nowadays that continually update traffic.

Social Media Potential

As an internet marketer, it is recommended for you to latch onto these social strategies. Social media have these major potentials that can make marketing easy:

  • Accessibility – Social media open a wide access for you to a wide ocean of social media users at little or no cost. It enables you to display in public all the potentialities of the business that you can boast to your prospect customers.
  • Reach – Since it is almost available worldwide and everyone has access, it is nearly possible to reach anyone and build a productive interaction to site visitors and encourage traffic.
  • Usability – Social media offer a major usability in marketing, though the manifestation needs thorough skill and the way you handle should always be monitored. Social media have implemented policies to put up appropriate standards and behavior for ensuring one’s post is beyond any unethical and illegal measure and public embarrassment.
  • Permanence – One good thing of social media is that you can make it stay for as long as you want. Unlike traditional media, the post you created can stay for a long time by continuous comments or editing.
  • Urgency – Social media have the fastest response times and shortest time lag. Your post about your business brand is instantly brings notification to all your connections, letting them aware of your business current promos with just a click-away!

Social media have been recognized to improve public relations, build connections, and encourage full growth of business – reaching to thousands of visitors whom you can promote your business brand. An increasing trend in the use of social media permits marketers upon searching, tracking and analyzing various interactions and conversations on the web about their business and subject of interest.

At S&L Philippines, Inc., we got Social Media Specialists who know how to manage your social media campaigns effectively to connect with your targeted customers. To know more about the things we can do for your business, Call Us today!