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Staffing Solutions Free Tools

Philippine Payroll System

Comprehensive payroll solution tailored specifically for Philippine companies. With fully integrated attendance and leave monitoring, benefits, and compensation management. Our system is custom built and easy to use for any type of business.

Recruitment System

Multi-faceted software tool that helps you automate and facilitate processes involved in finding, evaluating, interviewing, and hiring new employees.

HR System

Automated electronic tool to access all your HR-related information and manage essential HR functions.

Time Keeping System

Advanced time tracking software that improves time management. This provides great way in taking control of employee time and encourage them to take on the tasks assigned for them to achieve total productivity.

CRM System

Cloud-based software that enables you to determine and address the needs of your customers in the most effective way.

Phone System

Telecommunications device that unifies all your business communications. It helps you and your business enhance image, manage costs, and stay connected.

1 International DID Toll Free

Increase your sales internationally with a toll-free number in global countries. Answer calls anywhere, anytime. Fast activation.

Office 365

Office 365 is the right tool for your document management, collaboration, and overall workplace needs.

End-point Security

Protection for all corporate networks against security threats. Ensures that all your organization’s infrastructure are protected from malicious attacks.

Employee Screen Monitoring

Maximize employee productivity across all operations with employee monitoring software.




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