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Welcome to Staffing and Leasing, a leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company based in the Philippines, specializing in providing the best outsourcing solutions for businesses of all sizes. 

With our highly competitive BPO partnership services, we excel in delivering efficient projects, backed by advanced technical infrastructure and a skilled workforce.

Why Choose Us?

Experience Success with the Premier BPO Partner in Cebu

Comprehensive Services: Our BPO solutions cater to various businesses, including small and medium enterprises, large corporations, and individual professionals.

Social and Financial Infrastructures: We prioritize establishing robust infrastructures, ensuring smooth business transactions and daily operations for long-term partnerships.

Cebu City Excellence: Partnering with us in Cebu offers immense benefits. We boast a highly educated and experienced workforce proficient in various services such as sales agents, customer services, virtual assistants, digital marketing, and more.

Well-trained Professionals: The Philippines stands out as a preferred outsourcing destination due to its English-speaking and well-versed professionals, reasonable cost of living, and highly skilled labor force.

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Outshine Your Competitors with Cebu's Top Outsourcing Services

Gain access to a thriving BPO community and discover the right employees to ensure your outsourcing success.

Our reliable team of experts provides excellent facilities to kickstart your project, while the presence of multinational IT companies and firms in Cebu guarantees access to loyal and hardworking employees.

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Thriving in the Hub of Talent and Growth

Cebu City stands as a powerhouse in the BPO industry, offering a dynamic environment for business growth. Boasting major PEZA-accredited establishments strategically located in attractive areas, the city provides an ideal setting for outsourcing operations.

Investing or leasing in Cebu is a cost-effective choice, as it not only saves on land development costs but also opens doors to a vast pool of talented individuals eager to contribute to the success of businesses. The thriving BPO community in Cebu has significantly boosted the local economy, creating numerous job opportunities for professionals seeking career growth and personal development.

Unlock Success in Cebu with Our Global BPO Partnership Services

At Staffing and Leasing, we’re dedicated to finding the best employees for global BPO services. We offer a wide range of talent pooling, including sales agents, customer service representatives, web and app development, digital marketing, and virtual assistants.

With our experienced professionals, you’ll experience a significant difference in your operations. Don’t miss this opportunity! Contact us or request a quote to start outsourcing today.

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