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Running a business entails a lot of administrative work that an entrepreneur must be able to work on.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Virtual Administrative Assistant​

An admin assistant will help you stay on top of things, get organized, and coordinate with your employees resulting in a smoother flow of businesses.

Yet for those who are willing to hire one, the thought of having to add another person to the payroll gets second thoughts because of the added expense that comes with it.

As such, a lot of small and medium-scale enterprises outsource a virtual administrative assistant since it is the more economical choice.

By choosing to outsource a virtual administrative assistant, these entrepreneurs won’t have to worry about adding another payroll expense. Plus, entrepreneurs can take advantage of the skillset of such talented individuals that will surely help their business grow and improve.

Be that as it may, entrepreneurs should still meticulously assess companies that offer Outsourcing Administrative Services to ensure that you will only outsource a reliable and talented online personal assistant that can be a great asset for your business.

If what you need is a capable online personal assistant who is capable of excellently accomplishing administrative tasks you delegate then make sure you get in contact with Staffing & Leasing.

We will assist you by fully assessing the administrative tasks you need help with and selecting the best virtual administrative assistant that can excellently accomplish it.

With our talents’ expertise and the resources that we have, we guarantee that our office administration outsourcing services are enough to manage and meet all your business needs.

We aim to help your business succeed and as a virtual assistant staffing agency, the best way we can do that is by providing you with quality office administration outsourcing services.

Additionally, we also offer other related services such as non-voice  BPO services in case you might need them to improve your customer relations.

Finding a reliable Outsourcing Administrative Services isn’t a problem anymore, now that you have a virtual assistant staffing agency like us that values your time, money, and effort to build up your business.


Hire a virtual administrative assistant or better yet, acquire our entire range of office administration outsourcing services together with our non-voice BPO services.

Call center assistant.

Online Personal Outsourcing Administrative Services

Returning calls from clients, tracking important business schedules, and keeping accurate financial records are some of the common time-consuming administrative tasks that need to be done.

All of these tasks need to be handled immediately but in between promoting and selling products or services, writing paychecks, and managing payroll, as well as taking care of your customers and taking in their suggestions, an entrepreneur will readily get drained just by accomplishing all of these things.



Offload repetitive tasks

Succeeding in virtual assisting requires skills, contacts and personal organization which our virtual assistant services cater to. They are able to set their own work schedule, based on client needs and abide by the same. They are able to produce high-quality results with minimum supervision.

Virtual Assistant Staffing can do anything

Staffing & Leasing virtual assistants specializes in specified domains like marketing, advertising, finance, accountancy, secretarial, proofreading, research, creative writing, and particularly anything that a personal assistant would do in his/her job.

Be assisted with all your Virtual Staffing duties

At Staffing & Leasing, our virtual assistants take the initiative, have the knowledge, right attitude and skills to give you the best virtual assistant services. We have the drive and determination to have our clients succeed. Along with having the ability to work as part of the team, have excellent customer service skills, respect for others’ intellectual property, and good written and verbal communication skills.

We aim to help your business succeed.

We see to it that you can start your operation with less headache and effort but more with efficiency.
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When you opt to outsource virtual assistants from Staffing & Leasing, Stay assured that your money is well put in the best virtual assistant services. We work to take your productivity to the next level and keep you organized in all you do – which of course is with minimal cost for staffing solutions
When you decide to outsource in the Philippines, don’t leave it just a mere idea – Get our affordable staffing solutions now!
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