15 Advantages of Seat Leasing For Your Busines

Acquire Seat Leasing Services for your Business

Seat leasing can give you and your clients multiple advantages from saving costs, effort, and time, to allowing you to focus more on your business.

You must have been thinking of starting up your business. And this entails, of course, a lot of major headache-causing processes like putting up an office, investing in new equipment and furniture, putting up security, maintenance, recruiting staff, and the long list goes on and on. Quite hard and costly, right? Going through this process means spending a lot of costs, and before you have your infrastructure established, you might just run out of budget to get these tedious tasks completed.

For such an effective remedy, business owners have started latching on to seat leasing services not just because it’s convenient and more cost-saving, it actually saves you from everything.

Below are 15 of the best advantages seat leasing services can give you:

1. Saves cost

Seat leasing means a lot of savings. More than anything else, the very main advantage of opting for this leasing option is it can save up to 70% of the capital needed in putting up an office.

2. Saves time and effort

Seat leasing saves you from the tedious tasks of establishing an office. You can let the leasing company take care of everything so you can focus more on your operations.

3. Modern facilities

One of the key factors in making the business grow productively is superior equipment and facilities. Seat leasing providers equip leasing clients with an amazing seat leasing package from brand new computers, fast internet connection, UPS generators in case of power loss, data centers, and of course comfy seats for your staff.

4. Readily available furniture and function rooms

From fully-air conditioned spacious workspaces, conference room, boardroom, comfort rooms, to the lunch area, all are readily available for you when you opt to seat lease. This gives many conveniences to you and your staff to work at the peak of their productivity.

5. Can scale up operation virtually anytime

Most of the leasing companies operate and are open 24/7, so it is no problem if you opt for day-shift, mid-shift, or night-shift work, especially for your call center operation.

6. Immediate IT Support

IT support is crucial to every business operation with transactions online, especially call centers. A dedicated IT support is always part of the package and they are always available 24/7 to help you and your staff troubleshoot, install necessary programs, fix connections, and all technical tasks necessary in all your operation. This is one good thing about leasing seats and additional savings for you.

7. No advance maximum capital is needed

When you opt to seat lease, there’s no need for you to worry about huge upfront capital so you can start your operation at ease.

8. Can start operation immediately

As soon as you have made a clear agreement with the leasing company, seats and rooms are already fully furnished and equipped so you can start your operation right away.

9. Inbound/outbound ACD dialer system

Seat leasing providers often include inbound/outbound ACD dialer system in their facilities so it is just perfect for clients who want to run an inbound/ outbound call center operation.

10. In-house generator for 100% power backup

In case of unexpected power loss, leasing companies have in-house generators for automatic power back-up, and so clients and staff can still go on with their operations.

11. Recruitment/ Back-office Assistance

If you lease for seats, you can also apply for the recruitment service to save you from the hassle of recruiting and profiling procedures from exams, interviews, to job offers. They can simply filter all types of employees qualified and fit for the task. Aside from the recruitment service, you can also get assistance for back-office responsibilities from payroll, bookkeeping, to billing. These will be available if you upgrade your package, it all depends on you.

12. Available Clinic, Doctor, & Company Nurses

This is also one major advantage of seat leasing, though it may not be in some other leasing companies but S&L has included this in the package for the welfare and free health consultation of all staff.

13. Readily available 24/7 security

Leasing companies also take care of the security of your staff and employees to ensure total safety and protection.

14. Readily available facility & sanitary personnel

Sanitary and maintenance personnel are always part of the seat leasing package so you don’t have to worry about maintaining cleanliness and proper sanitation in the area.

15. Accessible locations

The location of the office is an important factor in your business. The more accessible the office is, the more convenient and better it is for your clients. This is one major advantage S&L can give to you, we are in one of the Philippines’ top growing cities in the BPO industry which is Cebu. Our office is surrounded by restaurants, coffee shops, movie & entertainment houses, grocery stores, pharmacies, and is accessible via public and private transport.

With all of those mentioned, you can see how flexible and convenient seat leasing is for whatever type of business you have and for your staff. Clients are given full priority. And with S&L Philippines, Inc., we can accommodate any type of client, from small to medium-sized to large enterprises, we make sure to bring you convenience at its finest with very competitive rates. Talk to us to learn more about how we can help with your business today!