BPO Call Centers, What are They? What Do They Do?

Not enough bandwidth or manpower to handle the dozen of requests that you get on a day-to-day basis?

It’s high time you let BPO call centers help.

Outsourcing certain aspects of your business to different states or countries has become a staple within the business industry as it helps companies get a lot of things done more efficiently and in a cost affordable manner. The BPO call center industry outsources agents that can help you handle inbound and outbound call center services. To receive a high volume of calls you’ll need to have a bandwidth that is able to adequately handle just about anything your customers throw at you. Companies don’t always have the staff, tools, and skills that are deemed necessary to help them meet their customers’ expectations. 

To most, outbound and inbound call center services will seem like a risky move after all outside agents may not always be knowledgeable in certain aspects of your business compared to your salary-based employees but despite this what makes this kind of service so special that so many companies have slowly been swayed into investing in BPO call centers? 

To give you a better idea of the differences between inbound and outbound call center services and what they do, here’s a bit more information about them below:

Inbound call center services:

This particular service focuses on improving how fast you’re company is able to keep up with calls that make their way to you. An inbound call center service provider is there to help you not only train your agents to be more efficient in answering your customer’s calls but also have the resources and tools that you need to help your performance increase and advance in the industry. 

Whether your business program is dependent on agents achieving good FCR (first call resolution) or RCR (repeat customer rate) scores, Staffing and Leasing will be able to guide you every step of the way by providing you with agents that are skilled in not only handling support questions but if necessary can help you with order processing and dispatch calls. 

All of these are repetitive tasks that if outsourced will be able to ensure that you can run your operations more efficiently by keeping a steady stream of production 24/7 without having to pay employees overtime or take resources away from your core business functions.

Outbound call center services:

While inbound call center services focus on answering calls it’s the task of your professional outbound call center agents to make calls that usually revolve around telemarketing, telesales, and market research. When you partner up with a BPO call center you’ll be able to acquire agents that will be dedicated to tedious tasks like these so that your main team can focus on building long-lasting relationships with potential customers and improving your business’s products and services. 

In reality, not every business starts out with resources like bandwidth to keep wait times a little shorter that way they can resolve tickets and follow up on customer requests quicker. Do you find yourself with more questions than answers now? Do you find yourself wanting more productive phone support for your own business? Luckily for you, we here at Staffing and Leasing have all the necessary details that you need to help you efficiently outsource your tasks to trained BPO call center professionals that can help you upscale the rate of your companies productivity by a huge margin.

Professional customer care has the ability to make or break your business more than you know and if you would like some help in finding reliable experts, we would be more than happy to assist you. Get started on improving the way your handle your business’s customer support line and Contact us today; Together let’s start talking about the quality of support that we can provide you.


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