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BPO Work From Home

Every industry has seen a dramatic shift in the last two years. While some people have suffered due to the pandemic, many have managed to evolve and pivot to live and even prosper.

The BPO industry is an example of an industry that has been able to let go of outdated ideas about remote working and fully embrace it in order to operate during times of global lockdown. The COVID-19 outbreak worked as a catalyst for the BPO industry’s transformation. Many traditional BPOs have undergone a digital transformation due to the pressing necessity to shift business to remote.

Outsourcing companies who managed to relocate their staff to remote locations and to provide work-from-home opportunities to their workers keep operating for their customers and prevent layoffs. This presented some difficulties, as the research shows that 77% of the leaders said they had not supervised a remote workforce previously.

Now that the year 2021 has finished, the trend of working remotely remains essential in 2022, as the future is still unpredictable. In this article, we’ll go over the numerous remote working trends that is the focus of the outsourcing companies this year.

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This pandemic has contributed to one good thing in the corporate world, and that is it has taught company executives that remote working could be done efficiently and effectively while lowering overhead expenses. Many big IT businesses have stated that a significant portion of their workers will be able to work from home permanently. Several have let their employees work from home for the upcoming few months while the world is fully recovering from Covid-19.

Some remote working trends that also are predicted to gain popularity in offshore staffing are listed below:

Work-hour flexibility

Aside from allowing workers to work at home, several outsourcing companies in the Philippines enable their workforce to work within flexible schedules according to their preferences. This is permissible in operations where customers do not have specific timing constraints or operations that don’t need interaction with customers. It allows employees to do activities that fit their lifestyle, allowing them to establish a positive work and life balance that can be difficult to achieve while working from home.

The increase of contract employees and freelancers

With increasing outsourcing companies in the Philippines worldwide permitting work from home, there’ll be a shift in attitudes toward employing contract workers or freelancers located anywhere globally. These personnel will not be entitled to the same coverage or perks as full-

time workers. This would lower business owners’ costs, benefit any firm striving to earn a profit. It would also provide job chances for people who work within the gig economy.

Outsourcing of More Tasks to Remote Workers

It’s not simply outsource customer service duties that are outsourced to home-based remote staff. As more companies outsource their various tasks to outsourcing companies in the Philippines, those operations are shifted to diverse distant teams. Many of the most popular social networking and video application companies are pioneering the push to outsource such activities.

These businesses outsource the content regulation to outsourcing companies, which then delegate the work to their remote workers. Remote BPO workers perform a wide range of outsource customer service, including video moderation, picture moderation, comment moderation, as well as social media moderation.

Advantages of Remote Working

Offshore staffing is on the rise, and many businesses consider it a valuable business partner. Although working remotely isn’t a new corporate concept, it is novel to some. However, work from home policy isn’t for everyone; statistics show that giving workplace flexibility has several advantages, including the following.

● Reduced travel time leads to higher production and cheaper outsource customer service expenses for the company.

● Performing work tasks totally from home may assist promote both public wellbeing and the company’s long-term profitability.

● Employees will have a better work-life balance.

● The environment will benefit from decreased transportation usage.

● Skilled workers could be located anywhere globally and can work for you.

The Future of Remote Work

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2020 and 2021 brought a new age of working remotely for outsourcing companies and people. As of 2020, 67% of companies increased their video conferencing software investment. 99% of remote employees want to continue to work remotely in a specific capacity, and 42% of those who have a remote working choice from their company want to work remotely in the future. According to Global Workplace Analytics, by the end of 2022, 25% – 30% of the workers will be remote working from home, and remote possibilities and offshore staffing will keep growing through 2023.

Bring Expertise to Your Remote Team with Outsourcing

Covid-19 has had a wide range of effects on the BPO industry. Outsourcing companies in the Philippines that were innovative and poised to adjust to the “new normal” were able to withstand the storm. Improvements have to be implemented on a constant basis to maintain an excellent operating efficiency while working remotely, from implementing many digital and technological upgrades to equipping their employees with the proper tools. It is reasonable to state that the BPO industry would continue to develop in the post-COVID era as long as company executives are willing to learn and adapt to new changes.

Choosing an outsourcing company like staffing and leasing gives you the opportunity to expand and innovate. We would offer the tools and expertise to outsource customer service to enable your team to transition to the work-from-home setting as businesses adapt to the “new normal.” We can also provide you with professional staff in the most heavily impacted work department.

Your company might already operate a work-from-home arrangement, but that doesn’t imply you can’t profit from outsourcing. Offshore staffing could help you reach your goals, whether you want to grow your business or add new expertise to your existing remote workforce.