Business Outsourcing: Grow your business, reduce your overheads

Want a larger, more specialised and better equipped engineering team that you only pay for results? Learn how engineering process outsourcing can help.

Modern business in a fast paced, volatile world is forcing companies from start-ups to blue chip behemoths to relook at how they do business and how they staff their business. We’re going to discuss the benefits to companies of business outsourcing, particularly in the context of engineering process outsourcing. In outlining the benefits of business outsourcing we will also address the concerns companies may have in outsourcing these integral services to an outside entity.

1. Reduced expenses, only pay for what you use

Despite recent economic slow-downs, business leaders are expected to continue to deliver increased profits even if business growth has not been realized. Outsourcing is the solution many businesses need, according to industry week business can reduce their labour costs by 30-50% and reduce overall development lifecycle costs by up to 30% by utilising engineering process outsourcing. Freeing up those funds for other business activity such as talent acquisition, investment in sales and marketing or other core business activities.

2. Engineering process outsourcing is more specialised

Your company needs to determine what small percentage of capital can be allocated to engineering, with those funds spread across resources, training and assets. Specialist outsourcers can focus only on their core business, engineering is all they do all the time. As a result, they invest heavily in their core skills and have access to specialised machinery and training and a deep level of vast knowledge and experience than a none engineering company cannot compete with.

A major concern of many companies when considering business outsourcing is that the third-party entity is not as committed to their business as they are. Here at Staffing and Leasing we take great pride in having high standards, excellent QA and superb testing to ensure the quality of our output. Our business model is built on trust, we aim to build long lasting relationships that serve us both; because our core business is to serve your business.

3. Outpace your competition

By the very nature of business outsourcing, the structure of the business is to move rapidly from one project to the next with minimum downtime. Your business is not engineering, any change between projects or during projects requires engineering to spin-down current processes and then spin-up the new project. Specialised engineering process outsourcing addresses this, with large, dedicated spaces, specialised machines and highly trained staff who are experienced at rapidly and efficiently moving between projects. You’ll experience less downtime and more productivity.

4. Flexible Resource Management

Business outsourcing allows more flexible resource management, if you need 10 engineers today, 30 next month and back to 10 at the end of the year, that’s our bread and butter. You only pay for the resources your project uses, when it uses them. Not only do you save time and money on resources, you save time and money on managing those resources; so you can lean up your HR team or have them work on more important tasks.

Concerned about the loss of visibility or control? Virtual meetings or on-site visits as necessary can be arranged so that you can see the progress being made, the quality of output and meet the team working on your task. It’s just like having your own team, except you don’t need to manage it.

5. Flexible support

Flexible support hours are a common practice in engineering process outsourcing, it’s understood that clients and projects can be all around the world and operate in different time-zones. Support can be arranged that meets your business requirement and ensures there is always someone available to address your needs and concerns as necessary.

Staffing and Leasing we don’t just work for you, we work with you!

The entire team at Staffing and Leasing are dedicated to producing the highest quality engineering output possible. We understand that the quality of our work doesn’t just reflect on us, it reflects on you and we both deserve the best representation possible. We are not just in the engineering business, we are in the trust business, give us a call to discuss how we can grow your business together.


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