How to Find Out if Offshore Staff Leasing is for You

Consider Outsourcing Offshore Staff to Handle Various Functions for Your Business

Outsourcing and offshoring have gone mainstream as potential options for businesses and their different functions which cover human resources, and accounting, as well as departments that require specialized skills such as web development.

Both assist in overall cost reduction. A fairly new staffing concept merges with offshoring, resulting in offshore staff leasing, which allows you to “rent” the professional services you need from a staff leasing company. Apart from financial savings, companies benefit from doing away with typical human resource responsibilities and paperwork, since the leasing firm handles the administration of leased employees, including salary computation and discipline.

We at Staffing and Leasing Offshore staff leasing lets companies enjoy the advantages of having a specific line of work taken care of externally – without the need to move out entire operations. Not the end-all and be-all of savings options, offshore staff leasing also works to make the most of a company’s existing resources.

How do you know if having offshore staff leasing is the way for you to go? Here are some considerations:

Do you plan to increase margins but have already cut everything else?

Letting someone else handle operations at more affordable rates through offshoring could give you this leeway. These processes could remain internal, providing you with the same control over your employee – who just happens to be leased from outside your country. Calculating definite savings in costs is also easier when you outsource, as you can compare expenses.

Is there a dip in the quality of work from your support functions?

Hiring Great PeopleOperations that are peripheral to the main business often slip in importance compared to sales, for instance. Regardless of how critical the function is to the core business, leased employees, however, are expected to perform these functions with consistently good quality.

Are your resources limiting your chances of hiring great people?

These resources aren’t only reflected by salaries or benefit packages. Sometimes companies may not have the office space to house a number of employees, or they don’t have the right tools and equipment for them to use, or even the manpower to go out recruiting and overseeing these employees. Staff leasing makes it possible for you to fill in crucial positions with professionals.

Partnering with an offshore staff leasing firm means you free up your manpower and time since overseeing the entire recruitment process becomes unnecessary. Offshore staff leasing companies handle everything from the hiring side, working alongside you by appointing your interviews with prospective employees. The successful candidates can then start carrying out their tasks using the leasing firm’s equipment and similar resources.

Cutting costs does not translate to cutting corners. Offshore staff leasing gets you, world-class professionals, at globally competitive rates. At Staffing and Leasing, we help you find the right people for different fields including mobile app development, web design, web development, SEO, and back-office operations such as accounting and general virtual assistance.

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