An Infographic Comparison between Seat Leasing and Traditional Office Space Rental

The Difference Between Traditional Office Space Rental and Seat Leasing

One factor that makes Staffing & Leasing stand out from other traditional office space rental is that it has a lower amount of estimated cost.

With Staffing & Leasing, you pay $150 only per seat per month, while on the other hand, the usual estimated total for most office space rental is $5000 monthly.

SL Seat Leasing Comparison Infographic


Another good thing about seat leasing with Staffing & Leasing is that its space comes fully equipped with the necessary facilities which are good and ready to use, unlike most office rentals that usually come bare, unequipped, and needs to be renovated before they can become fully operational.

With traditional office rental, you need to have additional capital for a one-time set up of internet and other business utilities but if you go with Staffing & Leasing you do not need to worry about the extra cost since maintenance is part of the monthly fee.

The Staffing & Leasing deal covers staffing requirements as part of its monthly fee which means no more extra headaches on non-revenue-generating aspects of the business.

You also don’t have to worry about investing in office furniture, equipment, and office supplies since with S&L Seat Leasing everything is already provided.

Overall, the total capital needed to start your business will be lower with Staffing & Leasing compared to traditional office rentals which would amount up to $52,000.

Staffing & Leasing is the most ideal and flexible option for companies, especially ones that are just starting up. The contract has more flexible terms and only requires 6 months minimum occupancy. Contact us to help you with your Seat Leasing needs!