Social Media Marketing: How Facebook Gets You More Traffic Leads

Social Media Marketing: How Facebook Gets You More Traffic Leads

Facebook is one of the best avenue for social media marketing wherein millions of users around the world already have access to it.

The use of social media gives a wide platform for marketing goals and at the same time very effective in gathering traffic leads. A social media marketing strategy has proven facts of how it can actually help you in reaching out to a vast number of potential visitors, increasing traffic to your site, and promoting your products and services.

Generating traffic leads is such a very ultimate challenge to every marketer; and it really takes a lot of processes and ample knowledge. Building social interaction is one thing on how to convert mere visitors into prospective customers and convince them to make a purchase.

Social media, on the other hand, can provide a very wide platform for all marketers to reach out to these potential visitors. Social networking site like Facebook is a definite example. For the record, Facebook now is the most popular social networking site that allows individuals to create public profiles, share and exchange ideas and opinions, send messages, upload photos and videos, and keep in touch with friends and family. Facebook is considered as a perfect avenue for building a productive interaction and now there is almost 20% of the world’s population who already had access to it.

Marketers see this as one fine strategy on how to market their business in public and increase traffic – thus, more possibilities of earning leads. Facebook is like a marketplace which allows its members to post ads and promotions wherein other users can also read and respond to them. That is where traffic starts to increase and traffic leads starts to circulate. But how do you this in proper place?

You must first create a Facebook page with an outstanding landing page. Creating a Facebook fan page is a good way to promote your business, generate likes, build awareness to prospect visitors, gather support of your business, and increase traffic. In addition, having a generous landing page in Facebook builds up a nice impression to your visitors. So aside from increasing traffic, you’re also building a great avenue to interact effectively with your customers.

Here are the most important keynotes in creating a business page:

It must be business oriented, not personal.
Do not mislead your visitors; rather give the accurate details of your brand. As visitors perceive the correct information in your page that matches their needs, they may make a purchase of products and services and stick as your regular customer.

It must be professional looking.
Visitors now have grown very cautious of spammers, that is why it is necessary for your page to look professional and legitimate. Having a professional looking page makes fans or visitors realize that you’re presenting them an accurate representation of your company and your business.

Facebook is an amazing free tool for you to utilize which brings multiple advantages upon promoting your brand. What also contributed much to the great advantage that Facebook brings to your brand is the great number of its users. The more visitors you can interact with, the more traffic leads you get. The proper implementation and use of this tool is all takes to get that traffic moving up.

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Seat Leasing in Cebu, Philippines: Top Outsourcing Destination For Your Business Operation

Seat Leasing in Cebu, Philippines: Top Outsourcing Destination For Your Business Operation

Having scaled to the top as an emerging outsourcing destination, Cebu can be the best BPO hub for seat leasing and call center rental in the Philippines.

Opening up a new space for starting or extending your business shouldn’t be expensive, especially if you’re opting for Philippines as your next business destination. Work station, group or individual desk rental, staffing, and seat leasing are efficient ways to jump-start your operation in the Philippines.

Cebu: Best Spot for Seat Leasing and Office Space Rental Solutions in the Philippines

Philippines has a lot of very accessible locations for seat leasing or call center space leasing options. Among the best is Cebu which now stands as a strong market for outsourcing companies in the IT-BPO industry. Both regional and international companies have been moving to Cebu as it scaled high in the top outsourcing destinations in the world.

With the improved facilities and rich talent pool in the local area, the cebu seat leasing and office rental option could provide a raft of advantages and convenience for many clients. Aside from the amenities like cafeteria, restaurants, store, coffee shop, and pharmacy provided by other tenants around the areas in Cebu, this city is also now an emerging outsourcing hub that can be a best spot for clients who want to operate in the Philippines.

Convenient Company In Cebu for Your Outsourcing Pursuit

Speaking of convenience, it is nice to land on a company that gives you all the amenities. Staffing & Leasing is a highly accessible place for all clients who wish to operate here in the Philippines with its staffing and seat leasing services – fully equipped and all laid out fully furnished so clients don’t have to worry about managing systems, but just mind their business. Staffing & Leasing can provide low cost workstation and seat rental at only $150 per month. The cebu seat leasing package we offer comes along with professional in-house IT support, working desktop computers, fiber optic internet connection, spacious workstations, conference, and furnitures, electricity, air conditioning, server backup, CCTV cameras, and around-the-clock operations.

Why Staffing & Leasing office is highly convenient for your staff

Why Staffing & Leasing office is highly convenient for your staffThe Staffing & Leasing office is in Mabolo, Cebu, along the streets of Panagdait, a short drive from Cebu Business Park and IT Park.

It is located on the 8th floor, Gagfa IT Tower, one of the biggest and most professionally structured buildings in Cebu.

This place has an easy transit route so it’s accessible for your staff in getting to and from the office. There also stood nearby stores, coffee shops, movie houses, and restaurants that are run by other occupants.


About Staffing & Leasing

Staffing & Leasing is a company based in Cebu, Philippines that provides outsourcing and seat leasing solutions to different clients across the world. Filled with highly skilled filipino staff, Staffing & Leasing is also excellent when it comes to world class, professional operations from web development, designing, marketing, bookkeeping, to recruitment. We maintain high standards in all our services and workspace rentals to meet your requirements and target your preference.

If you have plans of seat leasing in the Philippines, or are looking for redundant and fully-supported environment, why not consider a spot here in Cebu?

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Website Development: Bring your Business to Life Online

Website Development: Bring your Business to Life Online

If you want your business to take a step further and reach out to more customers, bring it online through optimum website development for superior accessibility.

Let’s face it: the things we do today are run dominantly by the internet, whether you like it or not. Thus, if you own a business but don’t have a website, sure it’s like your business doesn’t exist. That is why most business owners, whether big or small, urge to find ways on how to get online presence in the web field, making it swarm like flies to gain prospect customers anywhere in the world.

The thing is, if your business doesn’t have a website, your business has the least chance to be visible and known to those customers who are obviously surfing the net now for information. Without a website, I must say your business is in critical condition compared to those that have working sites already.

Your business needs to have a website for your customers since people prefer visiting websites for easy access and information. That is something you should take as your second step upon building up your business.

Having a good website can a offer a raft of benefits to your business and your sales.

Let us see few of the advantages and reasons why you need to bring your business to life online through web development:

Gaining superior visibility

Once you’ve got a user-friendly website, your business gets better visibility online. The great help it does is it draws in customers attention who are looking for information through the internet – which is the faster way around. The page rank of your business also depends on that. With a proper website development, it will be easier for you to get more traffic to your website.

Improved customer accessibility

Having a properly designed and developed website that is also rich in information helps you present your business objectives better for the knowledge of your customers. An informative website makes it all easy for you and for them. In addition, if your website presents a user-friendly experience to visitors, there’s more chance of customer retention. Along with implementing optimizing techniques like SEO (search engine optimization), your website can also go to a further extent of generating more potential customers.

Less expensive yet effective advertising

Advertising your business in means of tv ads, print media, or radio can be quite expensive. Yet, investing in an advertising can help a lot in your business – and it will push such a big amount of cost! Having a website will make it less hard in your part to promote your business. There comes  a huge number of offline advertising free versions already available on the internet. Plus, engaging your website to social media like FB, Youtube, & Google+ which are already as warm with a lot of users is also a big hit!

More opportunities for getting regular customers

Having a website can help you prove your credibility. You can have the chance to tell people why you deserve their trust. Your website creates an avenue for possible customers to explore what it is about and what it can do to them. In return, you may get positive feedbacks for your business. And these can potentially turn your one-time customers to long term clients who will come back to you again and again. Therefore, having a nice website gives you the chance to get more customers which can help further grow your business.

Those are just some of the great things a website can do to your business. If ever you have a business and don’t have a website yet or already had an existing one but not working, you can try our services for web design and web development and see how we can further bring your business to the next step.

With knowledge in Basic HTML, WordPress, Magento, UX/UI, CSS3, and to the latest PHP, our web developers here in Staffing & Leasing can produce websites that boost excellent search engine result positions, allowing increased conversions and customer retention.

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Seat Leasing: A Way Towards Making A Good Working Environment

Seat Leasing: A Way Towards Making A Good Working Environment

In finding better alternatives to achieve good results but less effort in your business, We at Staffing & Leasing providing top-notch seat leasing that has become the best solution offered to outsourcing industries.

Companies like call centers and other BPO companies are in need of looking for alternatives when it comes to having better equipped work stations, office space, and IT infrastructures for establishing their businesses. Seat Leasing has become the best possible answer to this call! It now starts to play its vital role when it comes to building and maintaining business in outsourcing industries.

Advantages of Seat Leasing

Seat Leasing saves effort and is highly convenient for call centers and other BPO companies. It basically means renting a work station from an already established outsourcing facility. It is far better than traditional office space rental.

Seat Leasing is best applicable if you don’t have enough time and budget for putting up your own building or office, instead you rent for seats that are already packed with the equipment that you need!

Imagine how you can establish your business easily through a more effective way without having to consider big cost and building infrastructures.

Benefits of Seat Leasing To Employers

Employers nowadays mostly try outsourcing. They get their workers to move and work to other companies that offer seat leasing.

It is observed that this alternative creates a good working environment for the employees and this leads to motivate the employees to have better performance in their work. Employers, on the other hand, could expect better outcome! Employers also have nothing much to worry about big finances with the rents of these seats. It is cost-effective and lessens operational problems.

We at Staffing & Leasing, have our technical support that will readily assist and respond to your employees’ problems regarding their units.

A Whole Package from Seat Leasing

If you go for this kind of strategy, the great service that you will get will also be included with a full package of equipment that you need such as:

  • Computers
  • Cubicles
  • Chairs
  • Internet connection
  • Power
  • Air-conditioning
  • Rooms for conference and meetings

Philippines is one of the top countries that have companies which provide office space or seat rentals. Staffing & Leasing, as a rising company, stands out from others because of its excellent conditions when it comes to cost, space, and equipment. Unlike any other traditional space rental, seat leasing with Staffing & Leasing is much cost-efficient and offers such great service!

With Staffing & Leasing, you only pay for $150 per seat monthly and the station is already fully equipped and is ready for use! There’s no need for you to provide equipment for your workers. Another advantage is that you do not have to pay for the set up, maintenance, and furniture for these are already part of your monthly fee.

Staffing & Leasing also has its highly skilled team that will readily respond to your problems and needs. This is how Staffing & Leasing builds its pride all over the world.

If you want to look for more information and excellent conditions you can get from Staffing andLeasing by visiting at now!

Seat Leasing: An Effective Technique Towards Growing Your Business

Seat Leasing: An Effective Technique Towards Growing Your Business

Due to the urge of finding the convenient way of establishing a business, the seat leasing has become the best technique upon reaching every company’s goal.

Practicality and convenience – a concrete reason why a lot of companies are now into outsourcing and workstation renting. These have become the best alternatives upon maintaining and even expanding your business. One thing that best explains this is that outsourcing and workstation renting require much less effort and less preparation. In other words, these kinds of services don’t take you on putting up your own firm or company and looking for workers to work in, instead you let other companies do the job for you.

The Seat Leasing Technique

When it comes to establishing business like call centers and other BPO companies, S&L seat leasing can be considered as your top chosen alternative. Leasing seats have become one of the companies’ techniques to be able to attain an excellent performance and outcome with their business. In this way, business owners or employers don’t have much to consider the headache of establishing your workstation and management over workers. This can be referred to as sharing and getting services from other companies, but both parties get the same remarkable advantage!

Seat Leasing allows clients and employers to operate their business without having to consider great investments to expensive infrastructure. It’s a low risk strategy yet very effective.

Start Your Business With S&L

Staffing & Leasing, a company based in Cebu is offering such kind of service not just to benefit the company itself but as well as to bring great advantage to other companies. It lets other companies to lease for seats where their outsourced workers are working out of their company premises.

Seat Leasing is smart and practical not just because it’s cheap and high saving but it is also more convenient. Convenient is a sense that other companies that go for seat leasing are offered with a full package of service aside from the seats rent itself. The service includes the fully equipped working stations and the technical support that your workers need when it comes to technical issues they encounter. The team in Staffing & Leasing readily responds when it comes to this matter.

Staffing & Leasing not just offers one kind of service but this company also has a variety of services that mostly companies seek for. Other services that are in line with the company’s purpose of emerging in the industry are the virtual assistance, SEO, web development, web and graphic designing, ESL, and a lot more.

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Seat Leasing: How It Becomes A Trending Business Option Today

Seat Leasing: How It Becomes A Trending Business Option Today

Seat leasing is a leading service sought by a lot of employers and clients because of the sure convenience and practicality it brings to their business.

Seat leasing has become one of the easy options considered by companies in establishing and maintaining their business. As observed, call centers and other BPO companies are now sticking into this kind of alternative. Leasing for seats is low risk and indeed cost-effective! The rent does not only include the seats and spaces but also the equipments that you need like the computers, internet connection, power supply, and other necessary materials upon accomplishing business operations.

Another great advantage that this alternative offers is that it could increase the tendency of strong motivation upon the employees to do good performance on their different tasks. This has been proven and observed by a lot of outsourcing companies and clients.

Eminently, call centers and BPO companies go for having their agents and employees work in other company stations but connected through online connection or internet. Though, there is no actual contact, the performance and the progress of work and tasks are always and strictly monitored.

A Full Saving Package!

A company that offers seat leasing not just offers the spaces and seats itself but it could also offer working staff that will do the operation. Well, it depends upon the agreement made between the lessee and the leasing company. This might seem to be impossible but it is now currently happening and trending in the industry. This strategy leads to the road of success in every company business’ goal.

Aside from the practicality and convenience it brings, it has the best advantage to give also in every company.

Although few people only do understand this idea but it is the most prescribed way for employers or business men who are planning of putting up their business. One solid avail that employers or clients will get beforehand is the saved effort and the huge amount of money that they should prepare in the first place – they need not mind that at all!

The company which offers you the leasing service will take care of it- from the working stations, the equipments, the power supply, the technicalities, and all. For those who are planning of starting up their business, the best aid for it is to go for this kind of option.

Why Seat Leasing?

Basically, this alternative doesn’t require you to release such a big amount of money and great preparation. The outsourcing employer or client will just provide or fill in the vacant spaces with workers to take care of their accounts.

Most companies preferred seat leasing because they can best expect that the operations and their business will go smoothly. They could also look forward for a better outcome that is why a lot of employers and clients always have favorable thoughts to this kind of alternative.

If you are planning to outsource some of your accounts and some operations regarding your business and if you don’t want to take much effort and to invest big amounts of costs, look for a company that will surely offer you the great package!

We at Staffing & Leasing, a company based in Cebu has risen in the industry to bring employers and business men the services and options that they have been looking for upon establishing their business. First in line of the cool services that Staffing & Leasing offers is seat leasing.

If you look for other more strategies that are healthful to your business especially in marketing, the leasing company itself also offers services like web development, graphic design, SEO, email marketing, and a lot more. Want to view more services that you enjoy in Staffing & LeasingVisit us now at!