Small Business Owner Tips on Staff Leasing: What Kind of Work Can You Outsource?

Small Business Owner Tips on Staff Leasing: What Kind of Work Can You Outsource?

If you own a small or medium business (especially if you’re working on a startup company), outsourcing may have already been part of your options.

Doing everything yourself may seem cheaper in the short term but it also drastically cuts away from your time and energy – time and energy better spent at getting clients or working out a process.In the long run, outsourcing and staff leasing become effective solutions for getting the work done and keeping overhead costs manageable. Small businesses may not have the resources to move an arm of important operations to a third party, but then again, their small size makes it easier to outsource peripheral tasks.Unlike typical outsourcing setups, staff leasing lets you keep these tasks and processes “in-house” – albeit in an indirect way with firms working with their own leased staff.

You get the professional services, your leased employee reports to you, and you don’t even have to worry about paying administrative costs or in some cases, getting necessary equipment. (Some staff leasing firms, particularly offshore types, already have the amenities and tools needed by your leased staff.)

But what types of tasks can you easily outsource? Here are the most common types of work you can get help with – so you no longer have to worry:


Content Creation

Content writers can be a dime a dozen when you’re looking online for someone for the job. Firms should be looking for professionals who’re in the loop with the latest practices and changes – including the overuse of keywords. Check out their portfolios or sample articles to make sure they can get the tone and type of content you need. The driving force behind content – usually – would be getting traffic to your website or getting conversions.

SEO and Digital Marketing

On-page and off-page SEO marketing is critical for any website and any firm. Typical practices include content and email marketing. The measurable returns revolve around getting back links and performing techniques that build both the authority of your website as well as building relationships with other site owners – particularly for off-page strategies. Staffing & Leasing provides top-notch SEO and Content Marketing Services for your digital business needs.

Social Media and PR

More businesses, small and large have slowly realized the value of their online presence, especially their social media presence. Depending on your industry, optimizing your accounts could drive up sales, as well as brand awareness. Some firms have taken to using certain social networks and media to perform customer service, for example. Company accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook) that are managed well also work as an extension of PR and again works as a frontline for your business.

There’s a tie-in with content as well as people in charge of PR have to be able to create press releases and editorials, as well as perform reputation management.

Telesales, Customer Service, and Appointment Setting

When thinking in terms of typical outsourcing setups, people initially think these services are necessary only for large scale operations. But your small business may be in need of people to answer your phone line – whether it’s to clarify product information, book an appointment, or even close a sale. This frees up your precious time, if you’ve been personally attending to this.

Web Design and Development

Many companies, small to large now know how important it is to be visible online. Having an official website helps cement the legitimacy of your business and also serves as a jumping off point for more direct communication. Make sure to ask for a portfolio of their work and some references. It’d help if you’ve set a budget and done a bit of research regarding what type of functions and the number of pages you’ll need. The Staffing & Leasing Web Design and Web Development for your business needs.

Aside from building a website from scratch or overhauling an existing site, you may need maintenance work. Make sure to check how they’re pricing the work. You can usually get a per project setup but if you’ve gone the staff leasing route, maintenance is no longer an issue, and it’s easier to have other projects started. It could prove more cost-effective in the long run.

Graphic Design

For startup companies, it’s critical to get your image right – logo, colors, and other materials. You can easily find graphic designers to work on your projects. Scope out their aesthetics and see if they can pass muster by looking over their past work. At Staffing & Leasing, we not only provide Graphic Design Services eye-catching materials of your preference but also up-to-date designs on the latest trends.

Accounting and Human Resources

Regardless of company size, you’ll need your books in order. This could be a bit tricky if you’re uncomfortable dealing with outsourcing your accounting function but so long as you get a trustworthy professional, it could also prove truly helpful. The trick is to check references and constantly be in communication.

You’ll also need to eventually tackle contracts of employment and the nitty gritty of hiring people, particularly in the legal sense. Human resource functions are commonly outsourced and with good reason. There are countless of firms and individual professionals you can check out.

Virtual Assistant

No longer shackled to a desk, PAs can be as mobile as you. Experienced virtual assistants are out there and they can perform just as well keeping your schedule and needs in order. Again, the best way is to check references and perhaps test out how you’d work together for a period of time.

With Staffing & Leasing, outsourcing and staff leasing don’t have to be daunting and you have nothing to fear with regards to quality of work. Vetting out potential staff could be easier than you think when you partner with reliable firms. At Staffing & Leasing, for instance, we make sure our clients are part of the process with prospects being interviewed both by us and our client. Find out more when you talk to us!

An Infographic comparison between Seat Leasing and Traditional Office Space Rental

An Infographic comparison between Seat Leasing and Traditional Office Space Rental

One factor that makes Staffing & Leasing stand out from other traditional office space rental is that it has a lower amount of estimated cost.

With Staffing & Leasing, you pay $150 only per seat per month , while on the other hand, the usual estimated total for most office space rental is $5000 monthly.



 Another good thing about seat leasing with Staffing & Leasing is that its space comes fully equipped with the necessary facilities which are good and ready to use unlike most office rentals that usually come bare, unequipped and needs to be renovated before they can become fully operational.

With traditional office rental, you need to have additional capital for one time set up of internet and other business utilities but if you go with Staffing & Leasing you do not need to worry about extra cost since maintenance is part of the monthly fee.

The Staffing & Leasing deal covers staffing requirements as part of its monthly fee which means no more extra headaches on non revenue generating aspects of the business.

You also don’t have to worry about investing in office furniture, equipment and office supplies since with S&L Seat Leasing everything is already provided.

Overall, the total capital needed to start your business will be lower with Staffing & Leasing compared to traditional office rentals that would amount up to $52,000.

Staffing & Leasing is the most ideal and flexible option for companies, especially ones that are just starting up. The contract has more flexible terms and only requires 6 months minimum occupancy. Contact us to help you with your Seat Leasing needs!

The Battle: Responsive Web Design VS Mobilized Websites VS Mobile Apps

The Battle: Responsive Web Design VS Mobilized Websites VS Mobile Apps

Trends come and go but should you strike when they’re piping hot?

This year responsive web design has taken center stage as the buzzword in the web design and mobile worlds, and it’s no surprise as more people have taken to using multiple platforms in accessing the web. Purchase and use of different devices including smartphones, tablets, and even e-reading platforms like the Kindle or Nook have jumped.

Where people used to have various gizmos for particular uses, they now see the ease and value of integration, using smartphones to surf the web and listen to music, for instance. According to Monetate’s 2013 Q1 Ecommerce Quarterly, website traffic from tablets and smartphones have almost doubled compared to last year.

Web access and Internet use is unlikely to stop or decline anytime soon, and the use of different devices to access the Internet further cements the importance people, particularly companies and professionals should be giving to tablets and smartphones in the market. Responsive web design, mobilized sites, and mobile applications cater to the growing number of users and potential audience and/or customers who choose mobile over a desktop or laptop.

Responsive Web Design

Fluid is the key word for responsive web design with website elements easily rearranging themselves to better suit the platform they’re viewed on. This translates to flexible grids in web page design, resizable images during zoom in or out, and media queries for adapting to a device’s physical traits (such as horizontal resolution), according to Ethan Marcotte. In responsive media, the fluid grid layout allows content including images and text to reorganize itself according to browser size. Oftentimes, users don’t see or need a horizontal scroll bar. Not only will image content change positions, they can also change size, adjusting to better suit the layout and the browser size.

Mobilized Website

Some websites have two operating versions, one designed for desktop view and another optimized for mobile use, particularly on smartphone platforms. The latter sometimes has a different URL such as “” or “”.

Just as classic websites are great as portals for information display and as tools for data mining, a mobilized website fulfills the goal of content display for smartphone and tablet users. It is especially ideal for showing static information on a user’s mobile device, much in the same way and for the same reason someone browses “classic” websites – websites designed to be viewed on a desktop or laptop. Although the mobilized version may look similarly to the desktop site, it will have a different code to enhance and better suit mobile user experience.

From a backend perspective, developing a mobile-friendly site that is all-embracing (when it comes to operating on different devices) can prove to be time-consuming and meticulous. Since it may be impossible to design for all devices, you are effectively designing for particular smartphone and tablet models, usually the most popular ones.

Mobile App

An app is designed for a specific function and does away with the rest of the information otherwise available on a website. While websites – mobilized or otherwise – serve up content, a mobile app optimizes content by taking context into account. The app user’s context – his or her location, for instance – works to better serve the user by presenting more personalized content. Oftentimes, mobile users are searching for information that they have a fairly immediate need for such as flight arrival time or driving directions.

Unlike a mobilized site, mobile apps can be accessed without Internet connection but may still require it to perform some tasks.

If you’re assessing responsive web design as an option, consider if you have any plans on changing the site, either in its entirety or just some parts. Also take into account if you regularly publish or update content and if you’ll be focusing more on information display or functionality.

As emphasized earlier, responsive web design and mobilized websites are ideal for showing static content with the former, able to offer more extensive services. Websites that incorporate responsive web design, as viewed on a classic platform can achieve the same goals as websites that don’t use this design. Among these goals is lead generation.

A mobilized website accomplishes this goal as well by offering mobile visitors who stumbles across your site a great user experience. This could result to new business leads.

However if you’re aiming for providing specific service or productivity, an app would be a wiser choice. It becomes even more so when you want people to regularly use a service you’re offering, and when this needs interaction.

Responsive Web Design VS Mobilized Sites VS Mobile Apps

At the end of the day, deciding which format to go with depends on your purpose and the resources you have available. Here at Staffing & Leasing, our web developers and mobile app developers can readily help you as part of your team in building on the best possible platform.

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Taking the App Highway: Why Your Business Should Go Mobile

Taking the App Highway: Why Your Business Should Go Mobile

As the demand for smartphones and tablets continue to rise, increasingly more people have been accessing mobile applications regularly. In fact, businesses have taken to using mobile apps to streamline some of their operations. Mobile apps is now one of the doorways to both better business processes and a wider market reach.

At Staffing & Leasing, we give all companies – from startups to large businesses – the option to have their own in-house mobile app developer without having to deal with the typical human resource headaches. This is possible through employee leasing. Contact us to learn more today!

Taking the App Highway - Why Your Business Should Go Mobile


Contact us at Staffing & Leasing to learn more and take care of your mobile business today!

How to Find Out if Offshore Staff Leasing is for You

How to Find Out if Offshore Staff Leasing is for You

Outsourcing and offshoring have gone mainstream as potential options for businesses and their different functions which cover human resources, and accounting, as well as departments that require specialized skills such as web development.

Both assist in overall cost reduction. A fairly new staffing concept merges with offshoring, resulting in offshore staff leasing, which allows you to “rent”” the professional services you need from a staff leasing company. Apart from financial savings, companies benefit from doing away with typical human resource responsibilities and paperwork, since the leasing firm handles the administration of leased employees, including salary computation and discipline.

We at Staffing & Leasing Offshore staff leasing lets companies enjoy the advantages of having a specific line of work taken care of externally – without the need to move out entire operations. Not the end-all and be-all of savings options, offshore staff leasing also works to make the most of a company’s existing resources.

How do you know if having leased employees offshore is the way for you to go? Here are some considerations:


Do you plan to increase margins but have already cut everything else?

Letting someone else handle operations at more affordable rates through offshoring could give you this leeway. These processes could remain internal, providing you with the same control over your employee – who just happens to be leased from outside your country. Calculating definite savings in costs is also easier when you outsource, as you can compare expenses.

Is there a dip in the quality of work from your support functions?

Hiring Great PeopleOperations that are peripheral to the main business often slip in importance compared to sales, for instance. Regardless of how critical the function is to the core business, leased employees, however are expected to perform these functions with consistently good quality.

Are your resources limiting your chances of hiring great people?

These resources aren’t only reflected by salaries or benefit packages. Sometimes companies may not have the office space to house a number of employees, or they don’t have the right tools and equipment for them to use, or even the manpower to go out recruiting and overseeing these employees. Staff leasing makes it possible for you to fill in crucial positions with professionals.

Partnering with an offshore staff leasing firm means you free up your manpower and time since overseeing the entire recruitment process become unnecessary. Offshore staff leasing companies handle everything from the hiring side, working alongside you by appointing your interviews with prospect employees. The successful candidates can then start carrying out your tasks using the leasing firm’s equipment and similar resources.

Cutting costs does not translate to cutting corners. Offshore staff leasing gets you world class professionals at globally competitive rates. At Staffing & Leasing, we help you find the right people for different fields including mobile app development, web design, web development, SEO, and back office operations such as accounting and general virtual assistance.

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