Seat Leasing: Cebu, Philippines Steadfast as Part of Top 10 BPO Destinations

The BPO Seat Leasing in Cebu, Philippines has been gradually improving along with it being a top BPO destination.

Still in this year’s top ten destinations for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), the Philippines maintains its strong position in the industry. Tholons, an investment advisory firm reported that Cebu City has gained traction as a preferred BPO seat leasing destination, moving up a notch to eighth place. Manila, Philippines has also displaced Delhi, India in the third spot.

Hailed an “emerging city” in Tholons’ 2009 and 2008 surveys, Cebu City has proven itself in the arena of BPO services such as voice BPO, back office and IT services.

It is an unsurprising development considering that Cebu had over a hundred BPO companies offering their services by the end of 2012. Heavily populated areas for BPO work are Cebu I.T. Park and Cebu Business Park. These areas are the go-to for both fresh graduates and experienced professionals looking for jobs.

Cebu Investment and Promotions Center (CIPC) estimates that there are roughly 95, 000 people working in the local BPO industry.

These BPO companies are the top suppliers for jobs in the area.

A yearly college-graduate output of 24, 000 from Cebu’s numerous universities means there is a regular wealth of talent. As more fresh graduates and local professionals turn to BPO companies for jobs, the island’s viability as a solid BPO choice is further strengthened. Tholons’ criteria for choosing leading outsourcing destinations include the availability and quality of workers – which explains how Cebu landed in their top picks in the first place.

Most of the companies that have set up shop are Western providers but even local businessmen have joined the fray, partnering with foreign investors. Cebu has an edge over its contenders with the island doubling as a tourist destination – a great come-on for foreign investors. Cebu is used to receiving a variety of businesses.

Coupled with a low salary range relative to U.S.-based wages and other foreign rates, the high employability of its pool of fresh graduates and experienced professionals make Cebu one of the most ideal places to outsource your employees. Cebu BPO companies offer deals that are cheap but promises good quality.

Aside from being a leading BPO destination, Cebu is also known for business providing companies that offer seat leasing services. Seat leasing is ideal for BPO companies because aside from being cost-efficient it also saves the valuable time to focus on the company’s development.

Generally, call center seat leasing in the Philippines is a booming business. It also happens that call center seat leasing in Cebu, specifically, is also a flourishing business.

Most emerging BPO companies in Cebu choose the seat leasing option to cut down on the cost of establishing their business. This is why call center seat leasing in Cebu is common amongst BPO companies.

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