Low-Cost Serviced Office Space for Startups in Cebu

Why you should rent a Fully Serviced Office Space

Starting a business in an instant even with less capital is made possible with a fully-equipped serviced office.

As a wide variety of businesses emerge on the surface of urbanization, lots of business owners have thought of how to start their business without the need to face unnecessary cash blowouts and spend a long span of time putting up their own private spaces.

But the question is: Do you really need to put up your own exclusive and expensive office? The answer is NO. For most business owners, having to establish an office is not a necessity and in fact, many can latch on leasing office spaces or seats instead. But there is a common problem faced by most business owners in which they got themselves locked in long-term lease arrangements for an office space or having to hire permanent staff to assist in their different business operations.

Nowadays, a lot of companies and establishments in the Philippines have been offering office space package that works for clients and business owners who are in pursuit to start their business as soon as possible, while still trying to save both on costs and resources. And so, here comes one of the most cost-effective business solutions in the industry today: a serviced office.

What is a Serviced Office?

Serviced office is a pay-as-you-use office leasing option wherein business owners get the chance to have fully furnished and fully-equipped office spaces at a fraction of cost. Such leasing option allows them to start operation at any time they want as long as package arrangements have been agreed from both the leasing company and the client.

Serviced offices are readily equipped with plug-and-play workstations, comfy chairs, air conditioners, and furniture for clients to operate in without having to provide it themselves. The leasing company takes care of everything from infrastructure, equipment, utilities, and an internet connection, as included in the package. In addition, the leasing company also includes sanitary personnel, IT tech support, and security to assist clients in all their different business functions. Other leasing providers as well have clinics, training rooms, conference rooms, and pantries within the premises to offer clients convenience in day-to-day operations.

Two Options When You Lease Serviced Offices

When clients go for leasing these office spaces, they are given two options by the leasing company: either to operate in a private, exclusive office or be in a shared space along with other companies. This depends on the preferred budget or business goal agreed and targeted by the client. Whatever choice the client comes up with, both options give clients convenience and flexibility to expand their business and start operation without the need to invest astounding financial capital and put up their own exclusive and expensive space in a long run.

S&L Philippines Inc.: The Best Serviced Office Space Provider

When it comes to flexible and affordable seat and space leasing options, S&L Philippines, Inc. offers serviced office spaces to clients ranging from individual entities, small-sized enterprises, to medium-sized entrepreneurs at the most affordable rates around. It’s great for startups and small firms who want to start or expand their business with professional and readily equipped offices, especially in the Philippines. We are located in the one of Philippines’ top growing business outsourcing destinations: Cebu. Contact us to learn more about our serviced office package!