Top five reasons you should outsource your legal process with an outsourcing company

What if you could see a major improvement in your law firm’s performance, better yet, what if you didn’t need to rent more space, hire more staff or change your internal structure in any significant way. It’s possible, over 60% of legal firms in the 2019 Altman Weil Survey reported that leveraging contract lawyers results in notable performance improvements.

1. Immediate expertise and capacity - Practice in more areas

With so many different fields of legal practice, it is simply not possible for any one firm to be an expert in them all. Even if it were, the investment in time and money would be significant and any-time staff are training, they’re not earning you money. Using legal process outsourcing means you can buy any expertise you need on-demand, the ultimate way to expand into in area of legal practice that is needed by your company.

2. On-demand staffing solutions that change with your business

Outsourcing companies that specialise in legal process outsourcing have entire teams of dedicated professionals at your disposal. This means that you can scale your workforce to meet your requirements as they arise, never turn down that opportunity that was “too big” again. With legal process outsourcing you can yes to that new case or contract and then with a simple phone call, scale your workforce to meet the demand.

3. Accurate cost projections with predictable billing

When you hire in-house you spend considerable resources on the hiring process, all to hire a lawyer who may or may not be a fit. Further, if you find that perfect candidate, they like your company and you love their skills and energy, but then they want a greater salary than you planned on. What do you do, pay more than you projected? Hire a worse candidate? 

Run the whole process again? Using an outsourcing company your business will never have that problem again. When outsourcing, you can negotiate your requirements and know your staffing costs, one staff, two staff, ten staff, no staff, your cost projections will always be 100% accurate and you don’t need to expend valuable resources on the usual disappointing hiring process.

4. Reduce costs, increase ROI. Only pay for staff you are using

What is your normal business efficiency, how often do you utilise all your staff to their full capacity? If it is less than 100%, you have room to improve. By using an outsourcing company, you only pay for the staff you need, when you need them. The benefit to this is that you can lower costs because you are not paying for resources you aren’t using, any staff you’re paying is because they’re generating you revenue.

5. Finding work-life balance.

We know you care about your staff and you know the saying “look after your people and your people will look after your business”, companies whose staff have good work life balance have 19.2% higher operating income. But it is so easy to push for that extra 30 minutes every day, an hour or two on the weekend, have them read that document at home tonight, it’s bad for them and it’s bad for you. If your staff are burning-out you are not getting their full productivity and you risk losing valuable IP if they resign or take extended leave. Using an outsourcing company you can ensure your demand is met, without excessive demand on your existing staff. You will get more productivity out of your outsourced staff and more productivity out of your in-house staff.

Legal process outsourcing really will magnify your strengths and accelerate your growth. Offer niche services, gain unprecedented expertise, adapt faster and without increasing overheads, it is all possible with legal process outsourcing.

With the remote-working revolution, more than ever there is more staff, more capable to meet all of your requirements; new technology facilitates a seamless and professional out-of-office work environment. Lower costs, reduce workloads, increase staff work-life balance all while simultaneously increasing capacity and expertise. It is no longer just a myth, contact Staffing and Leasing today and discuss how legal process outsourcing will take your business to the next level.


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