Why you should use recruitment process outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the solution your hiring strategy needs to adapt in the new covid-normal world

The last two years have been a time of unprecedented change in how and where we work and sometimes even what that work is. The recruitment industry has experienced these shifts too, in early 2020 companies abruptly stopped hiring and recruitment officers were retrenched. By late 2020 companies were looking to expand as new opportunities arose amid the pandemic, suddenly companies needed to hire back the staff they’d lost as well as new staff to meet demand. To be more flexible and thrive in a time of increasing global uncertainty, many businesses are looking to recruitment process outsourcing to meet their needs.

7 Reasons to do Recruitment Process Outsourcing

1. Increase the quality of your candidates

It’s well known among business leaders, executives and recruitment professionals that hiring isn’t just about finding someone with the right qualifications; it’s about finding someone who fits with the company, who’s presence adds not only to the skills and capacity of the business, but also to the culture. 

Because firms in recruitment process outsourcing specialize in their field, because they’re always hiring they always have a big pool of the best candidates and they may even have an ideal candidate that they have already interviewed. They’re both faster than internal recruitment and more skilled.

2. Reduce your recruitment costs

Hiring processes can be complex, they require specialized staff with people skills that can’t easily be taught. In addition, hiring now benefits from advanced machine learning processes, resume scanning applications and aptitude testing processes. 

Many companies cannot afford this overhead, if they do they may not be using it regularly enough to realize the full potential or become professional at the implementation. Recruitment process outsourcing means that you always have an expert on hand, all they do is recruit, so they’re as good recruitment as you are at your core business.

3. Reduced time-to-hire

All businesses know that resources are limited, both financial and people, need to be useful. As recruitment is a labour-intensive process and can be slow, it is inherently expensive. 

Using in-house staff, often a function of HR as your recruitment process managers means they may not be regularly exposed to the hiring process and their recruitment skills won’t be as good as a specialist recruiter. This means extra hours in the recruitment process, extra cost to the company and potentially lower quality candidate selection. 

Using recruitment process outsourcing means experts who can hire better candidates faster and you only pay for the hours they work, reducing costs and freeing up valuable resources for more important tasks.

4. Scale with demand

As 2020-2021 demonstrated, the environment can change quickly. The need for staff can grow as rapidly as it can decline, but you can’t have a specialist team of recruiters just sitting, waiting for that call. By using process outsourcing, you can, it’s just like having a whole team of specialists that you only need to pay when you use them. Whether hiring one new staff member to hiring 100 new staff, recruitment process outsourcing is the solution you need.

5. Consistency and reliability

Recruitment is a time of great uncertainty for both the company and recruits, departments can have inconsistent practices and communication leaving everyone unsure of what’s going on. Recruitment process specialists have standardised practices, whether you are hiring an EA or an engineer, everyone gets a professional, reliable and consistent experience. In addition, where often a department doesn’t know when HR might start a new employee, when outsourcing your departments know exactly what to expect and when. 

6. Data driven recruitment

Specialist recruitment outsourcers are always hiring, so they always have a finger on the pulse. By keeping records on all hiring processes, success rates, number of responses and quality of candidates, recruitment outsourcers can help you to hire the best staff at the best time to have the most high-quality candidates.

7. Grow your brand

Branding is not just about how your customers see you, it’s not just how your employees see you, it is how everyone sees you. Anyone who has an interaction with your organisation, at any touch point, will develop an opinion of your company because of that experience.

If you want potential hires to leave the hiring process with a positive experience, regardless of their success, you need to put your best foot forward and the best way to do this is with recruitment process outsourcing. Specialist recruiters will make sure every step from the time a candidate reads your ad, to the time they are notified of their outcome is consistent, respectful and professional. 

Specialist recruiters conduct regular post-process interviews with both successful and unsuccessful candidates, to make sure the process is always improving and by maintaining your brand, you are sure to always attract the very best talent.

Shorten your hiring process, increase candidate quality and leverage the latest tools by outsourcing your recruitment process. Whether you need more candidates, more flexibility or are just looking to grow your skill-base with quality hires, recruitment process outsourcing is the solution.

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