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Committed to excellence, Staffing & Leasing strives to provide the best possible employee solutions for different clients, ranging from small to large enterprises, and individual professionals to corporations.
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Why Cebu?

As an international BPO industry in Cebu, we here at Staffing and Leasing are committed to excellence, we strive to provide the best possible employee solutions for different clients, ranging from the smallest to the largest enterprises, and individual professionals to corporations. We pride ourselves on being able to identify quality performers that are not only skilled but educated in the tasks that they’re hired for. 

Not only do we have a college-educated workforce, but as one of the BPO companies in Cebu with professionals that have years of experience and employees with specializations in particular fields of services, we guarantee success in all your future projects when you partner up with one of the best BPO companies in Cebu city. Depending on your need, we scour the area for the right candidates and use a strict system to look for the best employee for you whether it be to fill in the roles of sales agents, customer services, virtual assistants, digital marketing, cloud dialer services and so on, our job is to make sure that your business runs smoother by providing you with excellent compliance business process outsourcing services that make us one of the leading staffing and leasing service providers in the global BPO market.

We want the companies that we build a BPO business partnership relationship with to rise up in the industry and soar higher than all their other competitors when it comes to providing excellent asset management outsourcing BPO services. But why Cebu? What makes this tiny island in the Philippines so special? A lot of companies have invested in expanding their BPO companies by providing global BPO jobs to industrious and hardworking Philippine locals as this offers attractive value-propositions compared to the regular stand-alone developments. The region of Cebu has had a significant increase in property investment when it became a premier destination spot outside the Philippines’ capital, Metro Manila. In terms of finding the right value for employees that can fill the needs of your BPO outsourcing jobs, Cebu has a good pool of talent and that’s all thanks to the outstanding training and good standing education background in the region. BPO companies in Cebu city have thrived and so can you when you invest your time, and resources in an international BPO service provider like us here at Staffing and Leasing.

Staffing and Leasing as a BPO Company in Cebu

Staffing and Leasing is one of the proud BPO companies in Cebu that provide quality BPO global services to businesses that want to see a boost in their sales and overall productivity. Becoming global BPO partners with an outstanding company like us will ensure that you get the best results all while reducing your expenses, time and effort that would have been necessary for you to find, train and maintain employees. We heed the call to your staffing needs at far more competitive rates and let you save up to 70% on back-office operations and different asset management outsourcing BPO services including outbound sales.

By now you may be wondering, what makes us stand out in the global BPO market? It’s because we equip clients with a competitive working international BPO staff that can handle just about any project or task that you throw at them. The technical infrastructure of our headquarters allows for the optimization of our BPO outsourcing jobs and your employee’s output.

Establishing social and financial infrastructures, all while enabling smooth business transactions and consistent daily operations is something that you can achieve quickly with the help of a BPO business partnership that is sure to last a lifetime. We are a compliance business process outsourcing service center that is committed to excellence.

Staffing and Leasing strive to provide the best possible global BPO jobs and employee solutions for different clients, ranging from small to large enterprises, and individual professionals to corporations.

Having a BPO global services provider like us at your beck and call is highly beneficial for a business that’s looking to establish itself among the numerous BPO companies in Cebu city. As your professional global BPO partners, we have the knowledge and resources to ensure that your project increases its productivity and output ten-fold.

There is nothing that you can’t accomplish with Staffing and Leasing by your side, be with one of the best services providers in the BPO industry in Cebu today and get ahead of your competitors.

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International BPO Company in Cebu

As a professional BPO company, we equip our clients with only the best globally competitive staff. The technical infrastructure of our headquarters allows our employees to optimize their output to the very best of their abilities. We here at Staffing and Leasing have established numerous social and financial infrastructures that will enable smooth business transactions and consistent daily operations without the worry of distractions and building maintenance.

Cebu city has undeniably gotten a good foothold in the BPO industry whether it be in IT or Digital Marketing and has the largest operating PEZA accredited establishments that serve as the city’s primary business districts that are located in the most attractive locations. Cebu is also known for its lower land development costs so by investing or leasing in this city you end up saving so much money and resources. The existence of BPO’s within this island has greatly improved the economy as it allows people who feel that they have had a lack of career growth or the inability to further their studies the ability to earn a living. For the foreseeable future, we hope to see a continuous flourish of businesses from all across the globe establishing their presence within Cebu’s top BPO industries and companies.

You stand to gain professional college-educated employees who can handle any kind of work-load that you throw at them when you have a BPO company in Cebu like us. Cebu has a great and unending pool of quality talent that’s just waiting for you to tap into and thanks to our reliable team of experts we can provide you with the best facilities to start your project immediately. With more and more multinational IT companies and firms branching out, establishing a BPO company in Cebu will guarantee you a chance to work with highly skilled workers as you partner up with a recruitment firm that knows just what they’re doing to land you loyal and hardworking employees.

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Global BPO Business Partnerships

Garnering the help of an asset management outsourcing and international BPO Company you open the doors to insurmountable opportunities that could help boost your companies financial standpoint on a whole new level. If you’re still starting out and have no clue as to what you can do to start your business operations then don’t worry because you have Staffing and Leasing that’s already an established global BPO services provider who can help you expand your business ventures by being a part of the BPO industry in Cebu. Getting in touch with a company that can offer you a global BPO partnership that is cost-affordable doesn’t have to be hard, especially now that you have us as your asset management outsourcing service provider.

There is nothing that we can’t accomplish together, as we here at staffing and leasing find you the best employees for global BPO jobs that companies need to fill as soon as possible. So many large and well-known companies invest in a BPO business partnership that can provide them with the kind of quality compliance in business process outsourcing service that you deserve. If you’re a small business looking to get a head start in the BPO industry in Cebu, then don’t worry because as your global BPO partnership takes flight with us you’ll start to see a huge difference in the way your business runs as it starts to feel a lot smoother and less of a hassle as we provide you with professionals who are educated and can meet your expectations by providing you with quality compliance in business process outsourcing service, one that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

We cater to all kinds of talent pooling like sales agents, human resources, web design, customers services, serviced office space, bookkeeping services, web design, web and mobile app development, virtual assistants, email and chat support, digital marketing, seat leasing services, graphic design, email marketing, and cloud dialer services. There is so much that we have to offer and all you need to do is contact us, tell us about your needs and wants, and what we can do to ensure that your goals are met.

Staffing and Leasing is here to aid any kind of international BPO company set up shop in Cebu, Philippines. We can provide our clients with global BPO services that are well worth the time and resources that you spend when you invest in a global BPO partnership with us. It’s not every day that you come across an offer that’s as good as ours, so, if the idea of forming a BPO business partnership with us has piqued your interest then don’t hesitate, contact us now to start outsourcing global BPO jobs today!

Employees and Talent

Part of a college-educated workforce, our talents include professionals with years of experience and employees with specializations. Depending on your need, we scour candidates and use a strict system to look for the best viable employee for you.

Employees and Talent

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