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Reducing costs and saving business money are the forefront advantages of acquiring outsourcing services.

Although a lot of companies build hesitations when it comes to outsourcing their business tasks, it is important to understand that saving up on your business costs definitely outweighs the risks that come with the entire outsourcing process.

By acquiring outsourcing services, you can effectively cut training, onboarding, payroll, and all other related costs that come with maintaining in-house employees for your business.

Consequently, if you worry about the productivity of your outsourced employees, you can easily monitor them by utilizing technological improvements the 21st century has to offer.

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Moreover, outsourcing definitely helps in cutting business costs as compared to maintaining in-house employees since you only need to pay for the services fully rendered without the attached commitment of keeping the service provider in your employ for the long haul.

Accordingly, if the services provided satisfy you, you will absolutely have the option of re-hiring the outsourced talent with you calling the shots while still observing the honest work for an honest pay rule.

As such, Staffing & Leasing has talents that can do the tasks efficiently and will prove to you just how advantageous it is to outsource talents instead of hiring in-house employees.

How Does Outsourcing Save Money

There is a wide range of services outsourcing companies can provide that it will take almost a day to enumerate. As such, it is more efficient if we get to categorize outsourcing services into two types: Simple but Time-Consuming Tasks and Significantly Complex Tasks.

With simple but time-consuming tasks, these are the tasks that commonly occupy an entrepreneur’s time instead of getting occupied with business expansion or thinking about improvements to be made on their products or services.

These tasks are commonly handled by a virtual assistant which includes: calendar management, handling customer service, or managing piles of essential records.
On the other hand, significantly complex tasks are tasks that cannot be learned in one seating and may require certification for such specialization.

These tasks include digital marketing, graphic design, web development, as well as accounting and bookkeeping services.

Consequently, Staffing & Leasing has talents that can provide any of the above-mentioned services.

We have a great pool of talents that can excellently execute whatever tasks you want to get accomplished consistent with its commitment towards excellence.

Moreover, we appropriately assess our clients’ outsourcing needs to provide the appropriate outsourcing solutions.

We also make sure that the talents that we will be providing are the ones that can effectively contribute to your business.

There are a lot of benefits foreign investors get when outsourcing talents in the Philippines.

Firstly and probably the most important factor, the outsourcing industry is heavily backed and supported by its government considering it is one of the biggest contributors to its economy employing almost 1.3 million people.

With its strong governmental support, it facilitated the industry’s growth enabling the improvement of its infrastructure and convincing many Filipinos to work in it.

Due to the strong support of its government, it led to the second benefit of increasing Filipino graduates with outsourcing relevant skills.

As such, companies can readily hire a skilled, ready, and willing workforce faster here in the Philippines.

Here in Staffing & Leasing, we scout only the best talents we can find for the different outsourcing services we offer.

With our commitment to excellence, we ensure that every talent of ours is ready and efficient to perform the necessary tasks for their designated clients.

Consequently, our talents include professionals with years of experience and employees with specializations.

Depending on your business needs, we scour candidates by using an intricate system to match what skills from an employee you need.

With our competitive rates matching our competitive talents, you will surely get the bigger end of the stick.

As one of the excellent outsourcing companies here in the Philippines, we make sure that we get to assist as many clients as possible.

As such, Staffing & Leasing offers services according to what our clients need ranging from mundane and time-consuming backend administrative tasks to specialized tasks to efficiently introduce your products or services to the public.

Nevertheless, we remain responsive to our client needs and in case you don’t see the desired services you intend to acquire, we encourage you to consult with our team so that we can accurately and efficiently assess the situation and provide you the appropriate service that you need.

Considering also our commitment towards excellence in providing all the services we offer, we encourage everyone to consult with our team first so that we can properly provide the solutions your business needs.

To fulfill such aim, Staffing & Leasing primarily provides the following services:

What are the benefits of outsourcing IT support?

Maintaining one’s business’ competitiveness rate has become more like an Olympic sport with most businesses gearing up their IT and digital solutions.

As such, to ensure that your business remains on top, outsourcing your IT support shows greater potential in contributing to the growth and success of your business.

In what way does outsourcing IT support help your business, you say?

Here are some of its benefits:

  • Expertise

Anyone can be hired as an IT staff, however, in-house hiring proves to be a risky endeavor. True, an in-house IT staff will be more conversant with the ins and outs of your business but an outsourced IT staff with experience weighs far better.

By working with an outsourced IT staff with experience, they can work on the task right away eliminating the delays that come with training and onboarding an in-house IT staff.

  • Reduce Labor Costs

Another benefit in outsourcing your IT staff is that you get to cut on costs spent on their training as well as payroll.

As such, you get to focus your business spending on more important areas of your business.

  • Increase Business Competitiveness

Businesses that tend to do all IT solutions on their own by hiring an in-house staff tend to spend more time and money on research and development instead of pouring all their efforts into business expansion or service and product development.

By outsourcing your IT solutions, you get to cut back on costs as well as focus all your efforts mainly on your business.

How much does outsourced accounting services cost?

Outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping tasks are quite a common thing to do especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Doing so saves entrepreneurs from having to manage their finances manually if having an in-house accountant or bookkeeper seems a bit too costly.

Yet, the most common concern among entrepreneurs is the cost that comes with outsourcing.

While the pricing for outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping tasks varies from business to business, the common estimate ranges from $500 to $2,500.

Conversely, there are outsourcing companies and firms that offer project-based services with rates that depend only on the services you may need and acquire.

One example of an efficient outsourcing company here in the Philippines that offers project-based services is Staffing & Leasing.

With us, we make sure that we appropriately and efficiently assess your accounting and bookkeeping needs to efficiently take out the hassle in keeping your business finances in order.

We will take care of your accounts receivables, accounts payables, cash flow statements and balance sheets, and even coding your transactions.

Additionally and to highlight this fact, we only charge depending on the services you acquire from our team to make sure that you only pay for the services you need.

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