Outsourcing Philippines staff could save you up to 75% on payroll!

No recruitment, facilities, or IT needed.

Web Design

Good web design makes for great traffic and ultimately good business.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers turn out materials that better deliver your message.

Web and Mobile App

We design and develop a world-class web application.

Outbound Sales Agent

Our highly skilled agents expertly convert prospects to successful sales.

Seat Leasing Services

Get Affordable BPO Call Center Seat Leasing.

Inbound Customer Service

Our CSRs deftly handle customers to maintain good relationships.

Book Keeping

Our affordable bookkeeping services keep your finances in order.

Human Resources

Trimming down back office operations and their costs is possible with us.

We fill your back office needs with offshore staffing.

Committed to excellence, Staffing and Leasing strives to provide the best possible employee solutions for different clients, ranging from small to large enterprises, and individual professionals to corporations.

Employees Talent

Our talents include professionals with years of experience and employees with specializations.

Fields of Expertise Include

Sales Agents, Virtual Assistants, Sales Agents, Human Resources and a lot more.

Equipment and Infrastructure

Established social and financial infrastructures enable smooth business transactions and consistent daily operations.

Outsource Staffing & Leasing and Your Savings

Based in the Philippines, our staffing & leasing arm makes it possible for you to reduce expenses, time and effort necessary to find, train and maintain employees.
Equipping Clients with Globally Competitive Staff

Offshore Staffing Solution

Staffing & Leasing caters from small to large enterprises adapt the latest trends in technology to improvise business. With business solutions in hand, we help you achieve operational excellence, business intelligence, and risk compliance management. Our wide array of business solutions address all your customer needs, which includes customer support, contact list management, unified communications, and more.

Contact Center Software Solution

Contact Center Software Solution Our staffing solution software allows a wide array of a system that can help you manage front and back office operation and recruiting with ease and increased efficiency. Gain a competitive advantage with our comprehensive staffing solution that comes with free tools.

Digital Marketing Solution

New technology has something to offer to improve marketing techniques and help distinguish your brand from other competitors. Our approach is simply strategic, tailored to meet exact needs and deliver what you specifically want to extend to your customers.
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