Telemarketing Outsourcing

Originally adopted by businesses to build good relations with clients, telemarketing has now evolved into its better version.

Telemarketing is an effective business tool to get more significant business contacts and promote your products and services to potential clients.

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Offshore Telemarketing Services

While most studies say that telemarketing is not as effective as before with more and more people no longer interested in receiving calls from strangers, there are still a considerable amount of businesses that acquire this type of marketing service.

For businesses that acquire the said type of marketing strategy, it is commonly used for their repeat customers to gauge their interest and create an immediate rapport as to their opinions and suggestions regarding their product or service.

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In this way, they will have an initial response allowing them to accordingly adjust and augment certain factors of their product or service for it to be well-received by potential customers.

For companies that can sustain in-house staff, telemarketing is an easy thing to do but for small and medium-scale companies, the huge payroll and other technical costs in maintaining an in-house staff is something difficult to balance.

The remedy most small and medium-scale businesses do in order to do away with the costs that come with maintaining an in-house staff is to acquire telemarketing outsourcing and other related marketing bpo services.

By acquiring telemarketing outsourcing services, businesses will have better access to a more experienced and skilled workforce who already know what to do.

Working with an experienced and skilled workforce allows you to experience lead generation and efficient marketing of goods and services that produce outcomes your business will surely reap.

If you are hesitating on the whole idea of acquiring telemarketing outsourcing services because you have no idea which outsourcing companies that offer both sales and marketing outsourcing services are reliable, worry not, as Staffing & Leasing is definitely a company you can rely on.

Staffing & Leasing offers both sales and marketing outsourcing and other related marketing bpo services to help you acquire targeted customers and achieve your business sales target.

Our experienced and skilled outsource telesales and marketing staff will work closely with you in order to account for all factors you want to be considered to help you achieve the sales target and the quota you need for lead generation.

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Staffing & Leasing offers effective offshore telemarketing services at competitive rates to help in easing your worries regarding costs for your sales and marketing strategies.

We want to see all our clients succeed which is why we only provide the best outsource telesales and telemarketing services.

Moreover, our excellent team will definitely contribute to the growth of your business and expand your customer relations.


If you need efficient offshore telemarketing services and other related sales and marketing outsourcing services, rest-assured Staffing & Leasing can efficiently provide it for you.
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Implementation of updated marketing strategies

Our Staffing & Leasing search engine marketing services are provided by our SEO experts who keep themselves updated with the latest technologies and digital trends. We assist your website’s performance during search engine runs.

Top-Notch SEO & Content Services

We understand the crucial role content plays, not just with marketing but also with other aspects of business operations. We offer Top-notch SEO and Content Marketing Services which help windows of opportunity for your business, drawing in readers and relevant site visitors, and being the first step in engaging potential customers for your brand.

Attain higher page rankings

We at Staffing & Leasing, work hand-in-hand with our clients to make their website climb the search engine rankings, ensuring site visibility and engaging in order to gain more online visitors and clicks for their website(s). Our services include link building, email marketing and social media marketing.

We aim to help your business succeed.

We see to it that you can start your operation with less headache and effort but more with efficiency.

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Promote your business with optimum brand awareness
If you want to promote your business and reach your targeted prospects in the most effective way, there are online possibilities that can help you build optimum awareness about your brand, featured products and services. We got marketing experts who will work on effective marketing efforts for your business with the standard marketing & SEO practices.
We iron it out with continues blog campaigns, social media posting, link building, email marketing, etc. – all services tailored to match your preferred budget.
We’re always here to help.

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