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Building loyalty and retention of customers has always been the main goal of companies that acquire customer service whether in-house or outsourced. As such, there are now two types of customer service to allow companies to choose the optimum one perfect for their business: inbound and outbound customer service.
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Customer Service Staffing
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Benefits of Customer Service Staffing

To give a little background, inbound customer support refers to the process of receiving calls from clients and customers and helping them by solving their queries and providing support, as well as, technical knowledge involving the product or service, warranties, and payment methods.

While outbound customer support has similar processes but its difference with the inbound one is that it covers a wider range of support and it is your business’s customer service staff that calls your clients or customers regarding account verification details, feedback, or post-sale follow-ups about the product or service, and other related telemarketing calls.

These two types of customer service are separate approaches that can be used effectively either on their own or separately.

Yet, no matter which one business ends up choosing, handling customer service entails an increased expense.It is for such a reason that most businesses resort to partnering up with customer service outsourcing companies or customer service staffing to save up on costs.

With outbound and inbound support outsourcing, businesses get to save up on technological and payroll expenses and use the saved up money for better purposes such as research and development of their products and services.

Of course, to answer the demand of businesses regarding outbound and inbound support outsourcing and customer service staffing, a lot of customer service outsourcing companies have sprung left and right.

These customer service outsourcing companies are highly acquired by businesses from various industries because aside from saving huge costs, they also acquire the best services from highly experienced and talented staff.

The next step businesses should take is to assess the customer service outsourcing companies offering their customer service support very well and pick the trustworthy one that can provide excellent services for your business.

With Staffing & Leasing, we guarantee that we will pass your assessment with flying colors!

Our outbound and inbound support outsourcing staff consist of well-trained virtual assistants and other customer service specialists which all can professionally handle clients and customers with their queries and concerns.

Moreover, we also provide excellent customer service staffing with professional and experienced staffing talents who are experts at resolving customer issues.


With Staffing & Leasing, we guarantee that we will lessen your worries regarding your customer service sector with the help of our professionally-trained virtual assistants and other customer service specialists who are all capable of maintaining good customer relationships.

We will see to it that your business operations will be efficient and all customer queries and concerns taken care of!

If you need efficient and talented inbound and outbound support outsourced staff, Staffing & Leasing can screen talented individuals until we will be able to form your customer service dream.


Staff Outsourcing Benefits

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Outsourced Outbound Sales Agents

Close deals by skilled agents

Trained by one of the best in the telemarketing industry, most of our outbound sales agents are veterans with years of marketing experience.

Convert prospects to buyers

Catering to your preferences, our outbound sales agents can qualify your leads and even convert your prospects into closed sales.

Get the most qualified leads

Sales have never been less complicated for you as we take on the mantle of panning your prospects to find the gold that is closed sale.

We aim to help your business succeed.

We see to it that you can start your operation with less headache and effort but more with efficiency.

Increase Call Center Revenues

Focus more on business
Sales can be a vicious cycle that involves hunting for prospects, capturing leads, getting them interested, closing the deal, and possibly keeping in touch, and if you’ve grown to tires of the tedium, in Staffing and Leasing we can step up the plate.
Outsourcing outbound sales function frees up both your time and finances, allowing you to focus on the more critical aspects of your business.
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