Email and Chat Support Services

Email and Chat Support Services

Handle your customer queries and concerns the easy way

Our Staffing and Leasing chat support service deals with real time customer support via chat.

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PH Phone  +63-32-401-1505
US Toll Free Phone  +1855-903-3299


Virtual Email and Chat Support Services

Assist Your Customers Better

The Staffing and Leasing email support representatives are given access to an email account, designated by the client, which will be used to receive customer queries and concerns. Their queries will be answered by our customer service agents.

Save cost and increase productivity

Through this service, customers will be assisted by available online agents. In such cases, the customers are asked to log on to a chat system in order to access the chat service of the company. Eliminating the human component in the chat system helps save cost and provides more productivity in handling customer service support through chat.

Provide support to customers

Virtual agents are more efficient in dealing with customer concerns because of their 24/7 availability and their ability to accommodate multiple customer at once. Engage with your subscribers and provide them the best support through putting communication channels in place with ZERO downtime.

We aim to help your company succeed.

We see to it that you can start your operation with less headache and effort but more with efficiency.


PH Phone  +63-32-401-1505
US Toll Free Phone  +1855-903-3299



Best Customer Support Solutions

Give your customers the immediate assistance

The email and chat support, therefore, allows companies to attend to customers anytime and anywhere. Customers can come and go, browse and inquire and get their needs practically without additional costs on the part of the company. It is usually used to provide automated service to inquiries in the educational industry, sales and marketing departments and other online e-commercial stores.

Our skilled and talented Email & Chat Support in Staffing and Leasing, helps in gathering valuable contact details of prospective customers and helps companies reach potential clients easily at little or no cost.


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Dedicated Customer Support

As we aim towards delivering you great experience, we place 24/7 Customer Support to help you with all your needs when it comes to outsourcing solutions. Dedicated officer always present to help you in the fastest response time possible. For inquiries and business interests, contact us at

Know more about our serviced office option:

PH Phone  +63-32-401-1505
US Toll Free Phone  +1855-903-3299